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25th October 2004 - 11:01:14
Dear Mr. "M"! Just discovered you web! Nice to see you´re ok and still doing the "job"! :) I think it´s been more than 8 years since we last saw! Send my love to Nick if you´re still in touch with him!!!
Lot´s of hugs and kisses from Madrid!

20th October 2004 - 22:52:45

20th October 2004 - 22:51:45
791 : cheesecutter

19th October 2004 - 16:18:59
789 : Zack
I think you are the coolest person to ever walk the face of the earth! You rule!!! Could you possibly by any chance come to my school and perform on stage in front of everyone. We are all fans of you. You are my biggest role model ever, which says a lot about me. Once again, you rule and keep on farting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18th October 2004 - 23:54:50
788 : bob
I will blow you away. when i eat onion rings i will make you look like you are quiffing, you fag

18th October 2004 - 15:44:28
787 : K.A.
I must share this with you Mr M!
I worked in an American City in a very big firm.
On each floor there were toilet facilities.
I gained fame( dubious?) of being the greatest producer of
methane in the toilets on my floor when I "performed".
No other colleague could better my performances.
I became the talk of the floor!
In fact my colleagues were so impressed that they formed
a club-named the KAASI CLUB.Needless to say I was elected as
President!!Ah those were the days my friend!

13th October 2004 - 05:47:19
786 : Dan
Do you have a short downloadable vid of your show? Are you planning a world tour? Can you levitate, ignite the butt burner and perform the magical 'finger of god'? Do your reccommend any foods?

10th October 2004 - 20:57:34
785 : Oscar
You are the best!!! Mr Methane is famous in Spain (the country where i am from) REALLY HILARIOUS ^_^

Good job!

5th October 2004 - 22:14:37
784 : mr methane rulz ok
mr methane ruleez. i have a question, if ur aware of climate change and everything, why u still fartin.

4th October 2004 - 17:23:57
783 : Fart King 2
Hi all! Mr Methane is really cool, wicked website! I fart in my friends faces lol for a laugh we always fart in eachothers face, pulll down out pants and fart in eachothers faces!

4th October 2004 - 08:55:59
782 : Fart King
Who here would fart in my face? Mr Methane as i sed earlier ur my idol please come round and fart all night with me. You can fart in my face!

4th October 2004 - 08:53:16
781 : Fart King!
I love Mr Methane so much! I would love for him to fart in my face, Mr Methane if youre ever not busy come round and fart in my face, your my idol you can fart on me whenever you want!

3rd October 2004 - 19:59:37
780 : Katie
Mr Methane I love you. I really think you are the funniest man EVER!

3rd October 2004 - 19:56:22
779 :
oops didnt mean to finish it there: Yeah i do like it wen my m8s farts i just have to have a good old sniff. I dont know why people r embarssed by them they rock as does Mr MEthane. I Love farting, I love other peoples farts I just love farts, if you fart let me know!

3rd October 2004 - 19:53:48
778 :
this is a reply to aaron: Yes m8! I dont know why I love it when my m8s farts in my face I get a good sniff, gota loave a fart in the face!

3rd October 2004 - 19:50:26
777 : Aaron
what do you mean you like it ? Hi all! Mr Methane im ur biggest ever fan, you rule dude!

3rd October 2004 - 19:46:37
776 :
lol nice stories lol I was showen this site by a m8 and we love it lol! My m8 farts in my face all the time, I love it lol dont know why but i really do like it lol!

3rd October 2004 - 17:41:08
775 :
I love Mr Methane! I love to fart, farting rocks
I was farted on! My boyfriend also pinned me to the floor, pulled down his pants and farted in my face!
Mr Methane I love you!
Your my Fart Idol!

3rd October 2004 - 17:37:10
774 :
Hi all, this site is wicked. lol I have been farted on lol! My boyfriend pinned me to the floor one day and sat on my face and let rip stragiht in my face lol it stunk! Mr Methane you rock m8 i bought ur cd!

3rd October 2004 - 17:28:29
772 :
You rock Mr Methane!

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