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4th October 2004 - 08:53:16
781 : Fart King!
I love Mr Methane so much! I would love for him to fart in my face, Mr Methane if youre ever not busy come round and fart in my face, your my idol you can fart on me whenever you want!

3rd October 2004 - 19:59:37
780 : Katie
Mr Methane I love you. I really think you are the funniest man EVER!

3rd October 2004 - 19:56:22
779 :
oops didnt mean to finish it there: Yeah i do like it wen my m8s farts i just have to have a good old sniff. I dont know why people r embarssed by them they rock as does Mr MEthane. I Love farting, I love other peoples farts I just love farts, if you fart let me know!

3rd October 2004 - 19:53:48
778 :
this is a reply to aaron: Yes m8! I dont know why I love it when my m8s farts in my face I get a good sniff, gota loave a fart in the face!

3rd October 2004 - 19:50:26
777 : Aaron
what do you mean you like it ? Hi all! Mr Methane im ur biggest ever fan, you rule dude!

3rd October 2004 - 19:46:37
776 :
lol nice stories lol I was showen this site by a m8 and we love it lol! My m8 farts in my face all the time, I love it lol dont know why but i really do like it lol!

3rd October 2004 - 17:41:08
775 :
I love Mr Methane! I love to fart, farting rocks
I was farted on! My boyfriend also pinned me to the floor, pulled down his pants and farted in my face!
Mr Methane I love you!
Your my Fart Idol!

3rd October 2004 - 17:37:10
774 :
Hi all, this site is wicked. lol I have been farted on lol! My boyfriend pinned me to the floor one day and sat on my face and let rip stragiht in my face lol it stunk! Mr Methane you rock m8 i bought ur cd!

3rd October 2004 - 17:28:29
772 :
You rock Mr Methane!

3rd October 2004 - 17:22:03
770 :
I have never heard of you before but u sound funny

3rd October 2004 - 03:11:30
769 : Karen
Guys farts are nummies :)

27th September 2004 - 21:12:45
767 :

26th September 2004 - 21:20:41
766 : kwurk
Could i have your fartograph please?

26th September 2004 - 19:08:55
765 : i like mr methane
hey mr methane,
have u ever farted that your fabric suit filled with methane air and bursted like a baloon, levin u naked.

24th September 2004 - 20:15:41
759 : Colin

23rd September 2004 - 13:48:52
758 : tom
hi mr methane, prrprprprpprprprprprpprprprprp.

19th September 2004 - 20:43:06
754 : Mr.Mathane2
Hello Mr.Methane,
is it possible to make a real "Fartmatch" with you?
I eat very much of Beans with Onions and Beer than i can fart like a Cow!

18th September 2004 - 18:06:52
753 : mike
hi mr methane i am a big fan of urs, can i have an autograph plz?

16th September 2004 - 15:56:10
752 : Mr. Methane!
I like beer

14th September 2004 - 19:44:31
751 : Mr.Methane2
I have the best Wind ever :-)

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