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16/6/2008 - Have an Audience with Mr. Methane at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival

Culture lovers awake! An Audience With Mr Methane heralds the return of highbrow entertainment to the Edinburgh Festival.

Standing Order expected to be as full as a fat bird’s shoe, says licensee Mr J.D.Weatherspoon…

Yes, Britain’s leading purveyor of the economically priced all-day breakfast and perfectly triangular fish fillets prepares to welcome the world’s only full-time professional performing flatulist in an Audience With Mr Methane from August 9th to 23rd at the Standing Order, George Street, Edinburgh.

“Interest in the show has been unprecedented,” says a made-up quote from Mr J.D.Weatherspoon himself, “What could be more agreeable than to sit down with a bottle of faux German beer and enjoy Strauss’s beautiful Blue Danube waltz, augmented by Macclesfield’s leading virtuoso on the botty bugle.”

Mr Methane will perform several of his international best-selling hits during the show, while recounting some of his amazing adventures in show business to witty and urbane broadcaster/ journalist Martin Kelner.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” said Kelner when we visited him at the run-down caravan park just outside Grimsby, where he lives with his wife and four children, “I feel privileged to interpret for Edinburgh Festival’s culture lovers Mr Methane’s amazing story; the laughs, the tears, the agony, the ecstasy, the trouser trumpets, of a life in this heart-warming business we call show.”

What is more, it’s free!

Kelner asks only for a small contribution on the night for children in Africa deeply traumatised by being visited by Lenny Henry every bloody year for a Comic Relief documentary.

An Audience With Mr Methane. Standing Order, George Street, Edinburgh, August 9th – 23rd, 7.45pm 2008.

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