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6/4/2009 - A Footballer's Farting Antics result in a foul!

An amusing fart-related story has been circulating in the news over the last few days...

Apparently in a recent football match between Chorlton Villa and International Manchester, a villa player allegedly broke wind at the point that an opposition player was taking a penalty, thus putting him off.

Naturally, the ref smelt a stinker, and called foul! In the ref's own words "My gut feeling is that someone made the noise with his mouth".

The player was booked with a yellow card for the incident, and the club fined 97!

The flatulence incident was penalised for "Ungentlemanly Conduct", and the original penalty kick was retaken.

It's great to see stories like this "leaking" into the press, and this one seems to have lingered for a few days now.

It seems the player really did put the wind up the referee!

The picture here is a cutting from the story in the Manchester Metro newspaper, why not read it in full by clicking the picture?

Visit Chorlton Villa today, and support the "Fart-Ball" club in question!

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