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7/4/2009 - Mr. Methane to be on Britain's Got Talent - UK Press Pandemonium

The Press have gone crazy for farts today, on sniffing out the story that Mr. Methane may appear on Britain's Got Talent this year!

More Magazine have a feature on the show in this week's edition (released Tuesday 7th April), featuring a brief interview with your farting hero himself...

More Magazine excerpt:

...But even Piers couldn't offend Simon as much as one of this year's acts - 43-year-old Mr Methane.

The judges were less than impressed with his farting act at the Birmingham auditions.

'My Farts don't normally smell, but on the day of the audition I managed to stink out the whole of the auditorium.' Mr Methane told more!

'Simon looked me in the eye and said:
"Paul, you are without doubt the most hideously offensive person I have ever met".

But in my opinion that's somewhat of a compliment from Simon Cowell, isn't it?'...

Photos of Mr. Methane have also featured in The Sun and Daily Star national newspapers today.

For those of you who don't know, Britain's Got Talent is an ITV1 Series, hosted by Ant and Dec, and judged by Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden.

Mr. Methane recently auditioned for the show in Birmingham, and may well feature in the series, the first show of which broadcasts this Saturday 11th April @ 8:30pm on ITV1, accompanied by "Britain's Got More Talent" on ITV2.

Watch out, and hold your nose, Mr. Methane may well be coming to a TV Screen near you in the coming weeks!

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