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14/5/2009 - Mr. Methane says he is the Marmite of comedy after BGT appearance

8.15pm on Saturday 9th May 2009 will down as the day that real live Petomania (farting to music) hit the screens of prime time, Saturday Night British Television when Mr. Methane literally blew the censorship doors down when he was given the Opening Slot on ITV1's flagship Saturday night family show Britain's Got Talent.

Never a man to shy away from such a historic opportunity to showcase his talents and go where no Fartiste had gone before Mr. Methane took the history books by the pages and literally ripped one out for himself with a rendition of the the Blue Danube that left the Judges and viewing audiences deeply divided.

Judge Piers Morgan wrote in his blog, "There are very few times in my life when I agree with Simon Cowell. But when he called "Mr Methane" a "disgusting creature", I wholeheartedly concurred. And yet, I found it almost impossible to buzz the man who declared he was bringing the "fart into art." The harder he let rip, the harder I laughed.

Meanwhile the official YouTube upload of Mr. Methane on BGT has remained the No.1 most viewed video for days afterwards with comments wildly ranging from ecstatic enthusiasm to downright disdain.

Mr. Methane said, "It just goes to prove that I am the Marmite of comedy. You either love it or hate it but you certainly won't sleep through it, I went onto Britiains Got Talent to cause a stink and I'm happy with the result, I've done my job".

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