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16/5/2009 - Mr. Methane apologises to Brtiain's Got Talent judges

Mr. Methane has apologised to Britian's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan for the unexpected fallout from his appearance on last Saturdays episode of Britians Got Talent.

In his recent blog entry Piers said, "Methane was also the act who left the single most indelible mark after an audition in three years of the show. He literally stank the theatre out for hours afterwards, making us detest him even more".

Concerned at Piers and the other judges distress Mr. Methane wrote to Piers via his website saying,


Sorry about that they donít usually smell, all I can say is that everyone has a bad night now and again and being in such a rush to get down to the show I had no time to "clear my throat" so to speak. Your a good man, thanks for not buzzing me and allowing ITV to get the performance in the can. I honestly don't think it would have worked without the smell, you would have suspected that I was the Paul Daniels of the Derriere District as it is your a believer.

Once again apologies to Yourself, Simon and Amanda. Maybe I can come and do the BGT Christmas Party as a way of apology.

Yours flatulently,

Mr. Methane!

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