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4/7/2009 - Tennis and Farts? Wimbledon brings back memories for Mr Methane

It's tennis season so just like in the Macc Lads song we went to a phone box rang Mr. Methane and asked him if Wimbledon brought back any tennis related memories.

Mr. Methane, "Yes watching the Wimbledon tennis finals on TV the other day reminded me of the time touring Australia that I was invited onto the Channel 9 Footy Show to celebrate the birthday of Australian tennis ace John Newcombe. Nothing special or unusual about that, just the usual rendition of Happy Birthday on the Botty Bugle and the blowing out of some Candles on a cake with the same instrument of course.

What I wasn't prepared for was the furore that erupted after my appearance, after the show I went straight to the hotel, I'd been flying all over the place on Ansett promoting the tour and was knackered, remember them, their chocolate muffins were quite tasty, always good for brewing one up if you were on your way to a gig.

Anyway I digress, Basically I knew nothing until I got back to Melbourne from Brisbane and the promoter rang up to say that my appearance had generated a record number of complaints for an Australian TV show and that the producer had been asked to resign!

Apparently they had complaints from places out in the bush where they thought you couldn't get a Channel 9 signal. Not a man to cower in front of his bosses the producer, Rory I think his name was decided to have me on again, this time with the aid of a bit of television trickery they had me serving Tennis balls with my arse at Newcombe who batted them back!

That weeks show was called The Apology and apparently set an all time record for viewer ratings which thankfully meant Rory kept his job".

You can still get the DVD of Mr. Methane Fotoy Show appearances from Sanity Records, entiltled "Best Of The Footy Show Comedians" It is presented by Carl Barron and features Mr. Methanes two appearances on plus many more golden comedy moments from this top rated Australian TV show.

Sanity Records Website: Best Of The Footy Show Comedians

Mr. Methane's DVD Release "Mr. Methane Lets Rip" also features a short Tennis inspired sketch called "Windbledon".

Mr Methane DVD.

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