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25/8/2009 - Tilly Meets Peter and Daddy Wrinkles

DJ Tilly caught up with Mr. Methane's faithful doggie friends, Peter and Daddy Wrinkles at Portmeirion in North Wales last week.

The Doggies, who like to accompany Mr. Methane to his many shows, were taking a summer vacation with the windy one and decided to go on a guided tour of Portmeirion with DJ Tilly, who talked to them about architect Clough Williams-Ellis, the history of Portmeirion village and its role as a setting for the cult 1960's TV show The Prisoner starring Patrick McGoohan.

Tilly also taught Daddy Wrinkles how to do an Amber Leaf roll up containing very little tobacco and helped to fill a few gaps in Peter's historical knowledge of the Crosville Bus Company.

In turn Peter and Daddy Wrinkles told Tilly about their adventures on the road with Mr. Methane including the time that Daddy Wrinkles dropped a stinker on the set of Britains Got Talent leading the judges to believe it was Mr. Methane and also about how the highlight of their year so far had been meeting Robert Cooper at Neil Irving's 30th Birthday Party!

Later that night they all went clubbing at the Octagon in Bangor, North Wales No.1 nightspot!

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