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19/10/2009 - Mr. Methane Blasts Onto Das Supertalent

Mr. Methane blasted onto German Television screens last Saturday when he made an appearance on the RTL Television show Das Supertalent ( Germany's Got Talent ) his appearance "Pumping" the show to the top of Germany's Saturday night television ratings.

Even more pleasing for fart fans was the fact that Das Supertalent judges Dieter Bohlen & Bruce Darnell gave Mr. Methane the thumbs up and let him "Pass" into the next stage of the competition, proving to the British that Germans really do have a sense of humour.

Speaking from a hotel in South Wales Mr. Methane said, "What a contrast from the reception I got on Britain's Got Talent. The German audience and the judges really got behind me, unlike Simon Cowell of Britain's Got Talent fame who sulked like a big fat saggy old Bagpuss all the way through my performance. I'm not sure if I'll make it to the Semi finals though but if I do then I'll be 'Bursting' with pride. Its a great honour to represent the United Kingdom in such a prestigious German competition and at the same time project a positive image of our Country to the German people".

More Info: Das Supertalent website

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