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26/10/2009 - Saturday Night Peter Kay. Fact or Fiction?

If you've been watching Channel 4 in the early evenings just lately, you may have seen Peter Kay promoting his latest book Saturday Night Peter, Memoirs of a Stand-Up Comedian on the Paul O'Grady Show.

Quizzing Peter Kay about some of the people in his book Paul O'Grady asked, "Who's Mr. Methane?" to which Peter Kay replied, "You know who Mr. Methane is," before trying to tastefully describe Mr. Methane's act at such a sensitive time in the evening, when many of the viewers may have been eating.

In the book Peter Kay talks about the night he worked with Mr. Methane at the Pleasuredome in Doncaster.

Having never mentioned that he'd worked with the Great Buddha of Comedy himself we decided to ask Mr. Methane why he'd failed to mention this momentous occasion on his CV...

"Actually I'd forgotten all about it." Said Mr. Methane, "I mean if I made you a list of all the people I'd worked with I may as well take up train spotting. Mind you, I have a memory for people, places, dates and events and Peter is mistaken with his venues... I've only ever played three gigs in Doncaster, and none of them were with Peter Kay, and none of them were in this Pleasuredome thingy. The gig Peter is talking about took place at the end of October 1998 in the Belfry Hotel, Sutton Coldfield, it was a Pre-Christmas sales conference for HMV Records. I was there to promote the release of my DVD, Mr. Methane Let's Rip and Peter was the MC for the evening. My goodness I know so many tiny details after so many years, I think I should take up train spotting after all".

Mr. Methane then hung up and went straight to Ian Alan Books, 5 Piccadilly Station Approach, Manchester, M1 2GH to buy up all the current copies of their ABC Trainspotting books.

So there you have it, a little bit of fact and possibly a bit of fiction as well but never the less worth a read so why not buy yourself a copy or if your not feeling flush then why not be a cheap skate by nipping into your local book store and reading Peter Kay's account of his encounter with Mr. Methane at the bottom of page 95.

Watch the Paul O Grady Show clip at YouTube (Mr. Methane mention is at approx @7min 45sec)

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