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4/11/2009 - A Blast from the Past, courtesy of YouTube

One of the best things about YouTube is that it has a habit of unearthing footage you'd either forgotten about, lost, or were unable to find. Here's a Golden moment from back in 1997 that hass recently surfaced... Mr. Methane & Frank Skinner singing a duet of Da Do Ron Ron, backed by the Skinnerettes.

Speaking to us from his mobile on the No.10 Arriva Bus from Bollington to Macclesfield, Mr. Methane said, "Frank invited Me onto the show as a way of apologising for a friendly slagging off he'd given me on a previous show while talking to actor Gene Wilder. He'd told Gene that I tended to play a few bum notes or something, it wasn't meant maliciously/ Frank was just doing his job and sending people up for a laugh, but he felt he needed to apologise and give me the opening so to speak, so he invited me onto the show where we performed a duet of Da Do Ron Ron.

Unfortunately for Me & Frank. the Mary Whitehouse brigade were out to get his show and the BBC censors were taking no further chances. having already had a hammering in the more conservative press about the previous weeks show... so our duet was cut on grounds of taste.

What makes this clip really special, is the presence of the late great Ronnie Verrel on drums. Ronnie, who first made the headlines in Ted Heaths big band back in the 1950's, was the drum sound of the legendary Muppet Show band member ANIMAL, and I think I can say for both of us that it was a great honour to share the stage with such an iconic show business legend as Ronnie, we were merely his props".

Here is the unearthed clip, courtesy of YouTube.

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