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20/11/2009 - Summertime Festival Memories Revisited

Mr. Methane writes: Inspired by my recent discovery of an old performance with Frank Skinner on YouTube, I decided to probe their vaults a little further and found this little gem from August 2009.

Itís a performance on the Venus Flytrap stage at The Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival in the Highlands of Scotland. Belladrum is a lovely family orientated festival that puts more established festivals, such as the much overrated Glastonbury, to shame; it truly is a gem of a festival that has a great family feel to it.

In the video Kenny from Elgin and Gareth from Glasgow have volunteered to come on stage as non-believers and check out the authenticity of my colon coughs. These two guys were mint, well up for the laugh they entered into the spirit of the performance 100% and got right on the end of a couple of corkers.

Thanks very much Kenny & Gareth for being so up for a good laugh and such great non-believers and thank you everyone who was at Belladrum for being such a good audience. It was a great gig and one of the best memories of the summer.

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