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8/12/2009 - Mr Methane back home after Das Supertalent Blow Out

Mr. Methane is now back in the UK after being given the Bums Rush from the Semi Finals Das Supertalent (Germany's Got Talent ).

Mr. Methane shocked German audiences and divided the German nation by baring his Ass on the live, prime time Saturday evening RTL show, inserting a blowpipe and farting a dart into a large balloon worn by Daniel Hartwich.

This barefaced cheeky stunt though sensational possibly cost him the more Conservative Family Vote, but that said there could possibly be more to Mr. Methane's defeat than meets the eye. His faithful Doggy friends Peter & Daddy Wrinkles who stayed behind in the UK and had a couple of seriously hot Poodle Bitches round in Methane's absence confided that they had run up a massive phone bill calling Germany and voting for Yvo Antoni and his lovely Jack Russell dog PrimaDonna. Daddy Wrinkles and Peter told Mr. Methane that they felt he had played his Trump Card too early by farting the dart in the Semi Finals and as a consequence he had nowhere to go with his act whereas Prima Donna could always lick her own Ass in the Finals and that would be a real show of Super Talent.

To demonstrate that there were no hard feelings between the life long friends and so they could put the Hole Das Supertalent incident Behind them, Peter and Daddy Wrinkles treated Mr. Methane to a special welcome home day trip to meet, greet and stroke some serious Ass!

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