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7/12/2010 - BBC Launches Stayt of Fart Broadcasting

I was asked to comment on whether BBC Breakfast News anchor Charlie Stayt "Let One Rip" the other morning while reading the news. Not having seen the the said interruption, I did the usual YouTube trawl, and there it was uploaded numerous times in all its glory -

Charlie Stayt and Louise Minchin: one of them "lets rip".

Having watched the incident the only professional observation I can make is that its 25% No to 75% Yes, as to whether this was a genuine "On Air" intervention of an anal nature. Without doubt it came from Charlie's side of the desk and he instinctively seems to go for the classic "Cup and Scoop" hand movement, but then again he could be grabbing the chair as it felt as though it was collapsing, and the noise was merely a creak as the chair started to give, but then again maybe that is a clever ploy upon his part to deceive us the viewers as to the true identity of the noise. What swings it for me though is the sound itself, on some YouTube uploads it is naff, but on the majority it has got good fart like tonal qualities that no chair could ever reproduce.

Whether it was or wasn't a genuine Colon Cough, one thing is definately sure in my mind, unlike Greg Dyke, our Charlie wont be getting the famous BBC Bums Rush anytime soon. I remember from working on BBC Childrens' Television shows that they had a "Four Fart Rule", meaning you couldn't have more than four fart orientated moments or jokes in a programme. Back in the day, they were very serious about this, and I would guess the same guidline could be applied to the BBC's Breakfast programming, or maybe as adults we get more. Either way Charlie Stayt can hang on to his unopened resignation letter for now, and save it for a day when he really loses control and starts telling us the real news thats hidden behind the news.

What do you think. Did Charlie Stayt really Let One Rip on BBC Breakfast? Watch this video and decide for yourself.

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