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23/12/2010 - Something a bit Wiffy about Wiki Leaks

The Wikileaks wesbite has very much been in the news just lately, and it prompted me to have a look at my "Mr. Methane" profile on Wikipedia, the site that originally put the word Wiki into our consciousness:

The profile has been heavily edited in recent times, by the "Britian's Got Talent" Taliban. To read the profile, you wouldn't know I've appeared on numerous TV shows around the world over the last twenty or so years, some good, some not so good and some of them brilliant award winning shows that equally deserve a mention. However, in the world of a post Britain's Got Talent appearance the past is erased and your career started when the Dark Lord himself spun his magic and ran VT.

I guess a lesson you can draw from this is that the open web doesn't always provide free and accurate information. If you have the resources ( or enough fanatics ) you can get or even pay people to sit around all day editing that information, skewing it your way. An interesting thought to bear in mind when reading information on the Internet.

With all this in mind I came to the conclusion that if anyone wants to Bastardise my wikipedia profile they're more than welcome. Make outrageous claims that I project managed an engine upgrade of British Rail's SeaSpeed Hovercrafts in the 1980's, that I farted in Susan Boyle's dressing room, the more outrageous the better, and if it stresses the Britain's Got Talent Wikipedia Taliban even better.

Seasons Greetings to one and all and to finish off on a festive note here is a performance on the Sony Award winning Radio One Show, Mark & Lard. I know I've posted this before but its quality broadcasting and deserves an annual airing.

Merry Christmas & go easy on the sprouts.

Mr. Methane!

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