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7/2/2011 - Malawi Fart Ban Causes A Stink

If you were living in a cave last week you might have missed a stink that brewed up after the BBC reported that two of Malawi's most senior judicial officials were arguing over whether a new bill included provision to outlaw the breaking wind in public after Justice Minister George Chaponda reportedly said that the new bill would criminalise flatulence to promote "public decency". Mr Chaponda even went on "Air" at the BBC and Capital Radio to give interviews and argue the case for his ban on farting.

Unfortunately these public pronouncements were all rather embarrassing for Malawian citizens both at home and abroad and there was no surprise that later in the day when interviewed by his own press Mr. Chaponda, probably realising what a massive pile of Elephant Crap he'd willingly stepped into, modified his position telling his own media that he had got it all wrong and that fouling the air didn't necessarily mean farting. However it was too late to stop the next days papers, the UK press had got scent of this priceless story and, just like a good dose of Diarrhoea for the next few days it Ran and Ran.

Maybe there is a lesson to be drawn from last week about how different cultures perceive the function of News, in our own Western culture it has a high entertainment value - especially if that entertainment makes foreign Countries look silly in the bargain - In Africa News is possibly perceived as honest, open, public debate and discussion with no one looking over their shoulder for a satirical jokesmith to set them up. Either way Malawi is now associated in the minds of a vast number of Western people with a Non Existent Farting Ban and the place where Madonna goes when she wants to adopt a baby which is a shame because there is quite possibly much more to the Country than that and the good news is that if I'm ever offered the Opening, I can still go to find out without the fear of being arrested for providing Flatulent Entertainment in public.

Related Article from Weekend Nation: Chaponda blunders, fouls the truth (external lnk)

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