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7/4/2011 - Mr Methane set to blast for the Welsh Nation

Mr Methane will be honking his horn for the Welsh Nation when he appears on the S4C television show - Sioe Tudur Owen on Friday 15th of April at 9pm with a repeat on Saturday 16th at 10.35pm.

Start The Weekend With A Laugh.

Sioe Tudur Owen starts the weekend with a large dose of humour as its two mischievous presenters Tudur Owen and Meical Owen plus the rowdy and enthusiastic audience at Galeri theatre, Caernarfon, Gwynedd in the kingdom of Wales celebrate the start of the weekend with more Welsh language humour than you can shake a Leek at. Fortunately for Mr. Methane - who was born just over the border in Macclesfield - his arse speaks the international language of Fart and the Welsh speaking show understood exactly where his punch lines were coming from.

Good News.

The good news is that you no longer have to live in Wales to watch the show. Thanks to the power of the internet you can watch Sioe Tudur Owen sat in a rocking chair on your back porch in Valentine, Texas or wherever you happen to be with just a PC notebook, a wireless internet connection and the magic that is the S4C online programme library Clic, but be quick programmes expire after 29 days.

External Links:
S4C Clic - or - The Official Sioe Tudur Owen Website.

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