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Romanian News Show Causes A Stink With Fake Mr. Methane Performance. - Mr Methane - My Farts Blog

All the latest Farts related news - Romanian News Show Causes A Stink With Fake Mr. Methane Performance.

8/10/2011 - Romanian News Show Causes A Stink With Fake Mr. Methane Performance.

Things got a little tense in the diplomatic world of Anglo Ė Romanian relations on Thursday 06th Oct 2011 when the Romanian Television Channel, Antena 3, created fake footage of Mr. Methane Farting the Romanian National Anthem by overdubbing a video of his Britainís Got Talent performance.

The fake footage was broadcast by the Current Affairs programme "Stirea zilei" (News of the day) hosted by Gabriela Vranceanu Firea during a debate that included a former Romanian Prime Minister which sought to criticise the current ruling Politicians. Angry Romanians enraged that Mr. Methane had insulted their Nation wrote to him and left comments at youtube demanding an apology before realising that they had in fact been duped by the Television Station.

No Stranger To Controversy.

Mr. Methane said, Iím no stranger to controversy and donít mind taking the blame for my own Colon Coughs but in this case my Botty Bugle wasnít involved, Iíve been set up and what would really upset me is if this footage has been licensed to be used in this way by talkbackTHAMES the UK copyright holder and producer of Britain's Got Talent though I suspect that the Romanian TV Channel may have just gone ahead and used it without their and ITVs permission, either way I think I deserve an apology from one of them or maybe both, if they want to insult the Romanian National Anthem and seek confrontation with Romanian Citizens they should take responsibility for their own farts and not try to pass them off as mineď.

You can watch the fake overdubbed footage of Mr. Methane performing the Romanian National Anthem here, The segment starts at 17Min's

Be Quick, this video may only be online for a limited time!

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