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30/10/2011 - Diamond The Dog Duets With Mr. Methane!

Last week I wrote about a top secret duet that I did with World Record Breaking Belcher, Paul Hunn aka The BurperKing ( for a forthcoming TV show. This week, while trawling youtube I found another duet that I was involved in but knew absolutely nothing about with Diamond The Dog.

Diamond, a handsome beast of a dog is listening to my old friend Mike O'Mearas weekly podcast. ( Mike has been a long time Mr. Methane fan going back to the days when he double teamed with Don Geronimo on the nationally syndicated Don & Mike Radio Show in the USA. In this youtube video Mike can be heard reviewing my "Worlds Longest Fart" video ( that I did with Yv to promote the launch of FartGlobe, a fart app which unfortunately didn't catch on as well as Yv had intended, still that hasn't stopped the promotional video racking up half a million YouTube hits and quite unintentionally becoming a hit with the canine species. Who would have thought that a mans arse could imitate the qualities of a Dog Whistle!

Diamond Duets With Mr. Methane, The Fart Action Starts At 1min 55secs.

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