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10/11/2011 - Cakes & Farts Movie Finally Bursts Out as Fart Adventures!

Regualar readers may remember that few years ago I flew to Zurich, Switzerland to make an appearance in a film with the working title "Cakes & Farts" that was being created by Yuri A & R Mond.

Blog: Mr. Methane Arsesists With Cakes & Farts Film Project.

For many years I lost the scent in terms of what was happening with this project, infact once, a few years ago while doing a Google search to see if it had "Released" I came upon a youtube type video of a lady plonking her g-stringed backside into a chocolate cake before removing herself from the same and farting at the camera with a proximatey that was too close for comfort - This for some strange reason reminded me of Piers Morgan blowing raspberries with his face covered in melted chocolate - Needless to say I was scared for at least two seconds and gave up hope of ever seeing the film in its finished form so it was nice to hear from Yuri A a few weeks back with news that the film was now availabe on DVD under the title of Fart Adventures.

If your looking for another Mr. Methane Lets Rip comedy DVD then this isnt it, Yuri A creates short films about how humans' animal instincts, impulses and desires are culturally negotiated. Her works are 'comedies of errors' linking the dual child-like preoccupations with sentimentality and scatology and she has been faithful here to her original concept back in 2004 when she told me, "Cakes evoke in general only good feelings, while farts, some of the most commonest substances around, shock, repel and offend. But the consequence of a culinaric dish is always a fart. It can not be repressed. This will be shown in the filmproject sparking new realisations and forcing the audience to acknowledge ignored sections of society and to modify accepted values".

To sum up this is a high end art film about a bottom end subject, it is produced on 16mm film and seemingly shot in the high-key, high-contrast, super-saturated hues of children’s' advertising, Yuris works are also forms of visual nonsense poetry, swaying between being hilarious, mesmeric, and frightening. Indeed, the title of 'Unk' (or “UNKO”), an invented monosyllabic word intended to function through its acoustic qualities and associations, strongly recalls both Dada poems and babes' speech.

You can get yourself a copy of Fart Adventures using the info below.

Filmaker = Yuri A
Title = Fart Adventures
Label = ArtAdventures GmbH, Zurich
Origin = Zürich, 2011, DVD
Format = Englisch, PAL
Genre = Films, Pictures, Documentation, Biography
Price = 39.00 €
ISBN: 978-3-9523130-0-8

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