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28/11/2011 - Retro Methane - Original 1998 Site Blows Up In Archives.

I was contacted a few months back by Baz Barrow, if you don't already know Baz he was's first webmaster and creator of the original website back in 1998. I first met Baz when he was working in the A&R dept at Atlantic Records in London where he enjoyed many parties that us mere mortals working at the "Bottom End" of show business could only dream of. During this time Baz also did a spell on keyboards for Belinda Carlisle after she found herself with concerts to play but no backing band. Ever resourceful Baz filled Belindas void with a himself and a posse of Macc Lads, proving himself to be a multi tasking A&R man who could come up Trumps when a crisis appeared.

Disaster Strikes!

Unfortunately for Baz despite his talents and ability in the music industry disaster struck when Atlantic suddenly closed their London office and moved back to the States, leaving him seemingly "High & Dry!" or so it seemed to the casual observer. Baz however was already on the move with a new technology which at that time was not even considered worth considering by many large multi national companies. The World Wide Web was about to be born and Baz had educated himself in the black art of website building, the only problem was, for a few years at least, no one wanted a website but then all hell broke loose as people realised the potential of the internet and joined the Gold Rush, suddenly web developers - Baz included - found themselves in great demand.

Good Fortune.

Luckily for me Baz was a Mr. Methane fan and when he explained that there wasn't anywhere near enough anal action on the WWW over a Hawaiian Pizza at London Euston's long since redeveloped Food Court, I assumed he must have discovered this fact during extensive research, which turned out to be the case. Baz then offered to make me a really groovy web site that would "Blow!" the competition away at a "Rock Bottom" price I couldn’t refuse. Baz was right, I couldn’t and the result was a fibre filled flash enabled website that went down a storm in the USA and secured my place in the realms of interweb farting sites, was born utilising artwork from the Mr. Methane cartoon "Manhattan Gas" to create a really cool looking homepage that still looks good today. If we had one problem it wasn't how the site looked and felt it was that people still thought that Flash was a household product that "Cleaned your bath without scratching!" and had no idea about what the computer program could do or what it would be doing ten years hence courtesy of youtube, even fans Stateside where internet speeds were light years ahead of the UK struggled to grasp the fact that they needed something strange called "Flash" to view the site, fortunately times have changed.

Baz is still in the web development business and has just launched a new website for his company This Digital, why not check him out, have a sniff around and say that Mr. Methane sent you.


My current webmaster Mike Irving would just like to point out that he designed, hosts and manages the current site, and that you can visit him at his website: Mike Irving - Web & Mobile App Developer.

Baz ( On Keyboards ) & the Lads Performing with Belinda Carlisle @ San Remo 1988. Look out for the trademark Baz Barrow two hands on your instrument, both feet off the floor jump at around 38secs, Baz used to perform this stunt without the aid of a surgical support.

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