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22/12/2011 - Does A Flatulists Voice Mature Like A Good Wine?

I recently bought a copy of comedian Franks Skinner's 2001 autobiography, Frank Skinner by Frank Skinner. In it was a recollection of the time we both sang a duet of Da Do Ron Ron by the Crystals on his TV show which was subsequently edited out at the insistence of the BBC who were running scared after series of complaints about previous shows. It reminded me to look up the performance on youtube and then compare it with a more recent performance of the same song on Norwegian TV2 Show "Er dette morsomt" (Is This Funny?). What struck me was the difference in tonal qualities between the two renditions. On Franks show I was keeping a tight sphincter all the way through while on "Er dette morsomt" I can be heard relaxing the sphincter to let out those big flat notes at the end of a line which sound as if I've, "GONE ALL THE WAY".

I read that the range of Stevie Wonder's voice has changed over the years and that is certainly true if you compare old footage of him in the 1960s with his more recent performances. This has set me thinking. Does your farting range change over the years? If so, I feel that mine has matured like a good wine.

Merry Christmas & a Flatulent New Year.


Keeping it tight and ripping hard !!!! with Frank Skinner and the Skinnerettes, 20th Century Style.

Relaxing and going with the rythym. Da Do Ron Ron, 21st Century Style.

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