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21/1/2012 - Need some manure? Call Mr. Sh*t

Back in the year of 1997 I embarked upon my first ever tour of Australia promoted by Artie Laing of A-List Entertainment. One of the memorable events for me during that tour were my regular visits to Tony Martin & Mick Malloys nationally syndicated Fox FM radio show entitled simply Martin Malloy. The show was fairly new and increasingly very popular and I'd like to think that just like the Channel 9 Footy Show where - on the same tour - my contribution had generated not just the highest ever number of complaints for an Australian TV show but also the highest ever viewing figures for the following weeks show, my contribution to Tony & Micks show helped to give them that final ratings boost or in this case after-burn. Martin Malloy listeners were certainly a lot more positive about the joys of Controlled Anal Voicing than viewers of the small screen and really took me to their hearts providing the opening for a run of studio appearances during the tour and also a daily gig check to give listeners a blow by blow account of my progress across their great nation.

One of the joys behind the scenes of this fabulous show was the humour and good natured demeanour of Peter Grace a veteran of Australian radio who had the distinction of being the first ever DJ on an Australian commercial FM radio station. Gracie operated mainly behind the scenes as a steady, experienced, guiding hand on the tiller, helping to make the show the phenomenon it became. He also had some cracking humour and loved comedy, performing his own routines as a stand up around Melbourne and in particular the Espy at St Kilda. One of the little gems Gracie gave me was this entry allegedly from the Pupua New Guinea phone book for a fertiliser agent named Mr.Sh*t! Sadly I don't see this great little advert very much if at all on the www so I thought I'd share it with you in the hope that it can be seeded to a wider audience as businessmen the calibre of Mr. Sh*t come along less frequently than rural buses in the Outer Hebrides and when they do they deserve all the publicity they can possibly get.

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