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22/3/2012 - Mr. Methane comes up trumps with his personal Fart Greetings

Performing flatulist Mr. Methane aka Paul Oldfield from Macclesfield, Cheshire in the United Kingdom has launched a very unique greetings service for those special people in our lives.

Coming under the grand title of Fart Greetings the personalised video greeting service from Mr. Methane - who is able to break wind at will using the same technique as 19th century Frenchman Joseph Pujol aka Le Petomane - speaks for itself but just in case the penny hasn't dropped here is an explanation of the new and very unique service from the bugle meister himself.

"Over the last few years since the explosion of social media I've increasingly had people asking me if I can film personalised fart greetings for special friends and loved ones that can then be download from the Internet". says Mr. Methane, "I'm already operating in a niche market with my Live Fart Shows and I'd be daft not to explore the potential openings for such a great service so I've decided to give it a go or is that a blow? Basically I read out your personal message to a loved one and then let rip with a fully blown rectal recital to finish things off. When you think about it, its the perfect gift as you can order one for those you don't love as well as those you do".

You can purchase your very own Mr. Methane Fart Greeting from the Mr. Methane website where there also exists a brief demonstration video of, One Mr. Methane did earlier !!!!


Sample Video:

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