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16/4/2012 - Is Britains Got Talent running out of Wind?

The new season of Britain's Got Talent returned to our screens recently with Chairman of the Board Simon Cowell well and truly back in the Captains chair after last years series which fielded a weak and lacklustre judging panel whose chemistry and interaction between one another seemed to somehow take the wind out of the sails of this television supertanker of a ratings winner. Now it seems - if the ratings are to be believed - that even with the Great Television God Simon Cowell back in the hot seat and a much stronger and entertaining chemistry between himself and fellow judge David Walliams, Britain's Got Talent and ITV are running scared after getting their arses kicked by singer Tom Jones and the BBC with its new talent show offering called The Voice.

Schedules moved in ratings war retreat

ITV have now moved Britain's Got Talent so that there is no broadcast overlap and no perceived competition between the two shows having failed to kill The Voice in its opening weeks. Instead of retaining viewers ITV lost viewers to the voice but to be fair on ITV and Britain's Got Talent its just a natural cycle of events which eventually kills off all the most successful TV formats and shows as audiences get bored with the same old same old and look for something new. In my opinion Britain's Got Talent peaked in 2009 not because I was out there that year breaking wind on the show but because of the Susan Boyle - SUBO - factor which led to an insane interest and national obsession for all things BGT. In reality BGT was never going to get that big or that good again, the 2009 season was a hard if not impossible act to follow and the best ITV could hope to do was get a few more years off the back of 2009 before moving on. My guess is that this year or possibly 2013 will be the final year of Britain's Got Talent and that the X factors death wont be that far behind, but there again I could be talking out of my arse.

Most Shared BGT Video

Talking of the SUBO factor one of the most surprising articles I found while reading about the current series of Britain's Got Talent was by Joe Miller on mememachine, a website who plot the ratings of online videos. Commenting on the success that this years star performer, singer Jonathan Antoine will need to achieve in online video ratings Joe says,

"Susan Boyle's 'I Dreamed A Dream' audition is one of the most watched videos online, with over 87 million views. Although surprisingly only half a million people have shared the video online. Meaning a shocking 0.57% of viewers felt inclined to share Boyle's epic pipes with their friends!

So, to celebrate the return of the show, and, most importantly, to observe the benchmark that Jonathan and fellow auditors will have to compete with, we have compiled a chart of the top 10 most shared BGT auditions of all time.

We are quite shocked about the top spot. Us Brits are so mature!"

I too was very surprised to find that the most shared BGT video of all time is non other than yours truly, Mr.- You are a Disgusting Creature - Methane! As Jimmy Saville would have said, "Hows about that then!"

External Link: Jonathan Antoine: Top 10 Most Popular Britain's Got Talent Auditions

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