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Blasting in Bavaria, Basi's Augsburg Birthday Blowout. - Mr Methane - My Farts Blog

All the latest Farts related news - Blasting in Bavaria, Basi's Augsburg Birthday Blowout.

2/6/2012 - Blasting in Bavaria, Basi's Augsburg Birthday Blowout.

I had the pleasure of visiting Germany and the lovely city of Augsburg in Bavaria last weekend when I was a special surprise guest at Basi's 30th Birthday Party in Flannigans Post. (external link)

The visit was arranged by Basi's girlfriend Martina as a special birthday surprise, in fact until I opened up and started letting rip with the usual array of fartastic bottom related arse japery - tunes, candles on cakes, farting darts into a giant balloon on someones head etc, etc, - Basi wasn't convinced that I was the real deal but instead thought I was a Mr. Methane lookalike!

The day after the show Basi & Martina showed me around Augsburg and it transpired that Barsi is working on the development of the European Rail Traffic management System, an initiative backed by the European Union to enhance cross-border interoperability and the procurement of signalling equipment by creating a single Europe-wide standard for train control and command systems. Having been a British Rail train driver in a past life I was able to avail Basi of the working museum piece that is the relatively still well intact Victorian age, British Railway network. That's when we weren't talking serious stuff like Rugby, American Football, Beer and Farting!

In all it was a great weekend, in fact you could say that it was a Blast !!

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