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22/2/2013 - Apple seems to have two sets of rules for Fart Apps

Readers may remember a few years ago my webmaster Mike Irving developed a Mr Methane iPhone app, which unfortunately fell foul of some new guidelines introduced by Apple in late 2010 that basically stated "No more fart apps".

Despite an appeal that this was a Mr Methane App and as Mr Methane was the "Worlds Only Performing Flatulist" the exclusion of farts would be like selling currant buns without any currants, Apple were adamant that there could be no exceptions. You can see Apples point though, the Apple Store was being flooded with Fart Apps and Apple had to put their foot down and say no more. A bit like Tesco having to say no more varieties of beans please, consumers need to buy other products like toilet rolls, fish fingers, horse burgers, etc and they cant find them if their hidden behind the beans.

All in all fair do's except that now Apple seems to have conveniently changed its rules to allow a Comic Relief fart app. OK, its for a good cause and I would urge you to go out and buy it as its intentions are good, but lets be honest the days of the Internet being an enabler for the little person are long gone, there are now rules for the little person and there are another set of rules for the bigger people, two sets of Apple iPhone rules. You could say, "That Stinks !".

Maybe someone from Apple is reading this or maybe you know someone at Apple who you could forward this page on to? If so then here goes my sales pitch, "Dear people of the Apple Corp, Please can I release my Mr Methane Fart App as a charity download on the App Store? I promise that any profits will go to children in Africa deeply traumatised by being visited by Lenny Henry every year for another bloody Comic Relief documentary.

Seriously though and joking apart, you need to be consistent. 'Nough Said. Mr Methane!

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