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Road Testing The Palm Bomber. Things to do when itís raining outside. - Mr Methane - My Farts Blog

All the latest Farts related news - Road Testing The Palm Bomber. Things to do when itís raining outside.

29/4/2013 - Road Testing The Palm Bomber. Things to do when itís raining outside.

Recently I became aware of a device called The Palm Bomber which in the words of the official website is ďThe worldís first and only product that is designed specifically to capture, store and re-release your farts!Ē Mmmmmm I thought, Iíll get one of those as a birthday present for my 14 year old Nephew and then forgot all about it.

Fast forward to yesterday - it was raining outside - so I caught up on one or two loose ends, loose ends that included opening the mail and hey presto, there amongst all the advertising bumph and letters from local Councillors asking for my vote in the May elections was The Palm Bomber!

Now it always intrigues me that people who make new fart related Gags arenít generally big corporations, they are the little people, individuals like you and me - well maybe just me - who go all out and all the way often spending a small fortune on developing their fart related concept with a life consuming passion. The Palm Bomber is no exception; it has obviously been designed and then developed into a finished product with many then manufactured in order to get economy of scale. None of this is easy or cheap so hats off to the developer of The Palm Bomber I wish him well with this innovative new fart gag which I am sure will appeal to teenage schoolboys and even bigger schoolboys at heart like myself.

In fact Iím such a big kid myself that I couldnít resist opening my nephews present and giving it a road test for the website. The smell was really something else, even when like me youíre bombing yourself with your own colon coughs, the mix of ass gas and medical grade rubber really is the foulest combination as youíll see from my reaction on the video below.

If you've enjoyed this video then why not check out the real deal at the Official Palm Bomber Website. Just click on the link below.

Yours flatulently,

Mr. Methane!Palm Bomber - Mr Methane - YouTube thumb

The Palm Bomber Ė The Original Fart Catcher

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