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2/8/2001 - IT'S TOO HOT TO FART !

As the UK Sweltered in the Highest temperatures so far this Summer and London was hotter than Hawaii performing flatulist Mr. Methane declared, "IT'S TOO HOT TO FART !!!!!!" The flatulent entertainer who's bottom barking feats of CAV ( Controlled Anal Voicing ) are in demand Worldwide by Discerning Clients said, "When it gets this hot your buttocks stick together and you can't suck air into your Colon. What I do is very strenuous and I always leave the stage SLAB ( Sweating Like A Bull ), It's been so hot the last couple of weeks that I'm SLAB before I go on and that's causing MDP ( Major Delivery Problems ) to the extent that BA ( Bare Ass ) is the OO ( Only Option ), otherwise I couldn't get my cheeks apart because of the moisture sticking to the fabric of my shorts !!!!" Currently Mr. Methane is warning clients that due to the UHT ( Unusually High Temperatures ) shows may have to be in a state of dress that can only be described as UNCOVERED! "If people can't deal with that then they'll just have to content themselves by watching my video Mr. Methane Lets Rip! until we get some cooler temperatures coming through as we Push towards Autumn", said Mr. Methane!

As Temperatures Go Up Mr. Methane's Shorts Come Down !!!!

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