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All the latest Farts related news - Mr Methane Android Fart Apps Now Available.

10/7/2014 - Mr Methane Android Fart Apps Now Available.

Good news for all lovers of Petomania, or as we like to say here in England, "Controlled Anal Voicing". The Worlds Only Performing Flatulist, Mr Methane has launched his very own Fart Apps for Android Smartphones.

Written by Mike Irving - Mobile App Developer, the fully-fledged App features...

10 Fart-tastic National Anthems - Brand new Mr Methane studio recordings, exclusive to The App!

National Anthems featured are from the following countries:
Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (USA).

21 Fart Sounds from Mr Methane's trusty bottom!

Remote Farting, Choose a fart, and a delay time, leave your phone next to your victim and wait to surprise them - You Know When You've Been Methaned!

The Guff Gallery - A Photographic History of Mr Methane's Flatulent Career!

When we caught up with Mr Methane during a short vacation in one of Stewart Simpsons, 6 berth, Swift Caravans at Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire he said, "My App Developer, Mike Irving, has really come up trumps on this one. The App was Originally Developed for the iPhone, but it fell foul of Apple's "No more fart apps" policy of late 2010 which was a real pain in the Arse. However thanks to Mike's skills and the increasingly popular Android Smartphone platform as of 2014, it has been born again. You could say it's the Sweet Smell of success".

2019: - Apps No Longer Available - Sorry.

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