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Wind- Power Reduces Mr. Methane's Environmental Emissions. - Mr Methane - My Farts Blog

All the latest Farts related news - Wind- Power Reduces Mr. Methane's Environmental Emissions.

18/12/2004 - Wind- Power Reduces Mr. Methane's Environmental Emissions.

Performing Flatulist Mr. Methane! has taken steps to offset his anal emissions by converting his domestic energy supply from Coal and Gas generated electricity to environmentally friendly Wind-Power. Mr. Methane has signed up to N-Power / Juice which provides environmentally friendly domestic electricity in a partnership with Greenpeace. Said Mr. Methane, " Many moons ago I joined Greenpeace because I was concerned about the effects upon the environment caused by my Bottom Barking activities. I needed information, guidance and products that I could use to help me reduce any negative effects of my Trouser Trumpeting upon the planet. I wanted to leave a world fit for my Grandchildren to grow up in. When I found out about the Greeenpeace Juice scheme in association with N-Power I just had to join as it enables me to offset the effects caused by the operation of my own Back Door Bugle a sort of micro Carbon Trading if you like".

The UK is considered to be the windiest country in Europe and It's a fact that the burning of fossil fuels for energy is taking its toll on our planet so have you thought about offsetting your Anal Emmissions through Green Renewable Energy sources ? If so why not sign up to N-Power / Juice by visiting the link below. The really good news is that you can have it supplied to your home today, and at absolutely no extra cost compared to your existing supply.

Need Windpower Then Visit N-Power Juice

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