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5/10/2003 - It's All Knob And Arse In Morecambe

The Morecambe Comedy Weekend is set to have plenty of knob and arse this year with Puppetry of the Penis a mind blowing show featuring two Australians who manipulate their manhood into various shapes, objects and landmarks kicking things off on Thursday 23 October, 9pm at The Dome and Mr. Methane! The world's only performing "Flatulist" bringing up the rear on Saturday 25th October, 10 pm at The Platform.

Said Mr. Methane. I've always maintained that Morecambe has class and good taste even when others did not and its choice of two quality performances proves I was right . Its also nice that one of my favourite seaside towns has given me the opportunity to once more share the bill with Puppetry of The Penis, something I haven't had a chance to do since way back in 1998 when down under in Australia we did one or two shows together that have long since become part of Melbourne Folklore.

Details of the festival can be obtained from.

The Platform
Old Station Buildings
Central Promenade

Tel: 01524 582803

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