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16/10/2004 - Flatulence Puts Wind Into The Sails Of Anglo French Relations.

Despite political differences over Iraq, Anglo French Relations have not suffered if the list of performers called upon to help celebrate 20 years of Canal + Television on their 20th Birthday at the Zenith Arena in Paris is anything to go by with a respectable percentage of the acts involved coming from the UK. Acts such as Placebo, The Cure, Mark Knopfler and Mr. Methane!


Mr. Methane ? Yes Mr. Methane "The Worlds Only Performing Flatulist" from Macclesfield, Cheshire. He performs the artform known as "Petomania" after its historical roots in 19th Century Paris, though nowadays its more commonly refered to as "Controlled Anal Voicing" in native English speaking countries at least. Well on the way to becoming a Canal + institution, ( He blew out the candles, though not with his mouth, at their 10th Birthday celebrations), Mr. Methane entered the Arena to sing "Happy 20th Birthday" to Canal + in his own unique style, before bursting a very large balloon attached to a ladies head by way of a projectile fired from a blowpipe powered by his Anal Emissions.

The 20th Birthday show presented by Antoine de Caunes and Daphné Carrier was filmed Thursday 14th october 2004 in front of an audience of 6000 people and included guests such as HENRI EL SALVADOR - VANESSA PARADISE - RITA MITSOUKO - SAIAN SUPA CREW - PLACEBO - THE CURE - MICKEY 3 D - JANE BIRKIN - RACHID TAHA - IAM - YOUSSOU' NDOUR AND NENEH CHERRY - KEZIAH JONES - CALOGERO AND PASSI AND MARK KNOPFLER. It will be Broadcast Thursday 04th November 2004 on Canal +.

Said Mr. Methane, "It was an honour to be invited by Canal + to perform at their 20th Birthday Party. It's always nice to perform in Paris because of its historical association as the city where in the 19th Century Wind Breaking as a Performance Art in a Variety Context as we know it truly began. I enjoy the different emphasis that comes across when performing to a French audience. In England we love our Toilet Humour, In Paris the French love the Artsitic Endeavor of a man who uses his bottom as an instrument. It was also very gratifying to to be a warm up act for Mark Knopfler who headlined the concert

Canal Plus Website.

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