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All the latest Farts related news - STOP PRESS - Let's Rip DVD - Australian Release.

14/9/2005 - STOP PRESS - Let's Rip DVD - Australian Release.

Speaking a truly international language, Mr Methane has been rumbling his ring since the tender age of 15 after an accidental performance for mates at the school squash courts one cold lunchtime. And so began this most unusual career, eventually projecting Mr Methane onto the World Stage as the only practising flatulist in recent history. He has put the Art into Fart, the Hit into Sh*t, the Crap into Rap and the Biz into Showbiz. In the immortal words of American actor Kelsey Grammer, "This man took the history books by the pages and really ripped one out for himself!!!!!".

This amazing man possesses the rare ability of "singing" from both ends, putting the "art into fart" rock, pop, and classical selections are included in his musical repertoire which, combined with his stunning visual display of candle snuffing, talc blowing and the incredible dart farting, guarantees uncontrollable laughter from his audience.

Mr Methane has been a regular visitor to Australia for many years – proving very popular with audience of all ages due to his many appearances on Hey Hey it’s Saturday, the NRL Footy Show and countless other TV spots. He has performed for royalty, heads of state, rock stars and a raft of celebrities in all corners of the globe where people like to laugh at farts…and isn’t that most of us?

"Mr. Methane you are a true Genius. A huge star".
Howard Stern.

“No one else can follow Mr Methane".
Bobcat Goldthwait.

"The Emperor of anal emissions".
Ali G.

Mr Methane has been summoned (as only super heroes can be) to the Pilbara, WA by Woodside CEO’S and The Prime Minister of Australia John Howard to save Australia from running out of gas!!! After filling the Woodside supply with his anal madness, Mr Methane will be a part of The Pilbara Comedy Muster before departing to Victoria & NSW to promote his new DVD “Lets Rip”, released nationally on the new national date for your calendar - Farters Day.

Until you've actually seen (and heard) Mr Methane performing live, you won't quite understand what the windy heroes talent is all about. You might not after either, but to help you get a better insight into the fantastic and unique skills of the methane man himself, you need a copy of his new DVD “Lets’ Rip” or get along to one of his many shows across the country through Aug & Sept.

“Let’s Rip” is available from all good Australian DVD retail outlets August 22nd onward quote (Mr. Methane Lets Rip. ACMEC 045)

Mr. Methane's Australian Tour Dates are listed on the preceeeding News Article dated 27-07-05

Order "Let's Rip" In Australia by clicking HERE

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