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4/12/2007 - Pensioner Banned from Farting at Devon Social Club

77 year old Maurice Fox had been handed a farts ban from his local Social Club, of which he has been a member for 20 years, after other members apparently found his loud farts "disgusting".

Kirkham Street Sports and Social Club in Paignton has kindly requested that Mr Fox refrain from breaking wind inside the club, after apparent complaints.

Maurice has vowed to obey by the ban, blaming his antics on the fact that he is an "old fart" now!

BBC News apparently quoted the letter as saying "After several complaints regarding your continual breaking of wind while in the club, would you please consider that your actions are considered disgusting to fellow members and visitors.... You sit close to the front door, so would you please go outside when required."

The letter came as a complete surprise to Maurice, who had received no prior warning of any offence caused. Mr Fox spends two days a week at the local Palace Place club, where he is free to fart at will, unless he receives another shock letter in the near future.

Originally sourced from BBC News Online.

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