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Did Led Zeppelin watch Letís Rip DVD before their 02 Show? - Mr Methane - My Farts Blog

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9/1/2008 - Did Led Zeppelin watch Letís Rip DVD before their 02 Show?

One or two, well possibly as many as three people have written in to ask whether rumors of Led Zeppelin watching Mr. Methane Letís Rip in the dressing room before their reunion gig at the 02 Arena in London last December are true so we contacted Mr. Methane at his Macclesfield hideaway to ask if he could shed any light on the issue. Had he shifted any Mr. Methane CDís or DVDís to the Led Zepp boys, sorry gentlemen, lately?

Mr. Methane replied, ďNo not to my knowledge we havenít but then again a friend could have bought one and passed it on. I suppose itís possible but I just donít know. I think these rumors started after someone called John Paul Jones left a message on the guestbook saying theyíd watched the DVD before the 02 gig. I used to have a friend called John Jones from Pontefact who I havenít spoken to for ages so I sort of got excited and then disappointed when I realised it wasnít him. No disrespect to this other guy, Iím sure heís a really nice bloke. What did you say they were called, Led Zeppelin? Thatís silly it would never get off the ground, it would be far too heavy, doesnít anyone do physics nowadays? Look, I must dash, I need to get down town before Aldi shuts, theyíve marked the mince pies down in the January sale and I love Aldi mince piesĒ.

So there you have it, We just donít know either way, why not check out the guestbook for the 14th December 2007 and decide for yourself.

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