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23/1/2008 - Edinburgh Bus Drivers Toilet Goes On Sale

An interesting article appeared in the national media last week with the BBC and Sky News picking up on the sale of the Bus Drivers Toilet at Maybury Roundabout, Edinburgh, Scotland. Apparently the extension of bus routes beyond the former Maybury terminus has rendered the building redundant and it is now available for sale.

Acting estate agents Graham + Sibbald say on their website that, ďThey are delighted to announce that they have been instructed by Lothian Buses PLC, to dispose of this prized asset, which comprises a single storey brick built toilet block, including 2 WC cubicles and washing facilities, strategically located on Glasgow Road adjacent to the entrance to the Marriot Hotel".

But donít be fooled, this is no cheap bog standard property, if your interested youíll need to spend more than a penny to get in on the deal as despite only having a rate able value of £260 GBP the toilets location at a busy Edinburgh road junction means that its seen as a high value advertising site. Sky News reports that one offer of £15000 has already been given the bumís rush with offers over £30000 expected to close the lid on any deal.

If youíre interested in sniffing out more info or possibly leaving a deposit here is a link to the PDF sales brochure.

Link To Sky News Article

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