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23/1/2008 - Buster from The Zimmers Farts on National Primetime TV

This is one for our friends overseas who will probably have missed this great national occasion. No itís not one of the Queens two annual Birthdays or anything like that, we are talking the night Buster, Farted on National TV.

If you donít already know him well at the reputed age of 100 Buster Martin is not only "Britain's oldest worker" - feted by his boss and celebrated by senior politicians such as the former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell - he is also a bona fide pop star, after jumping on to the sedate bandwagon that is The Zimmers, a 40-strong group of elderly rockers who released a cover version of, ďMy GenerationĒ.

Buster appeared last week on a celebrity edition of the BBC show Weakest Link and basically he let one go, citing the fact that he had been stood up too long as the cause.

Below is a youtube video of Buster Tearing The Cloth and then explaining the reason for his unscheduled outburst. Meanwhile fellow contestant Lil Chris laughs with joy.


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