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17th April 2017 - 13:35:41
2221 : Philip Telling
Just to let you know my appearance on stage with you in Colchester Arts Centre a couple of weeks back is on You Tube.
Thanks for coming, it was a most memorable evening. Take care, keep Farting.

2nd March 2017 - 13:23:55
2201 : JP
Dear Mr Methane. I donīt remember when i laugh so much than now. My stomach is aching by laughing and fart it eventually became. I think maybe good songs are marching songs, wedding songs and of course jingle bells or Nokia tunes :)
Unbeliveable showman Mr Methane you are. Thank you!

25th September 2016 - 17:15:38
2161 :
Watching Fart 💨 A documentary.

I AM SO CONFUSED BY THIS. Do you earn enough money to live just by breaking wind?

I should be a millionaire!!!

17th September 2016 - 18:54:43
2160 : kozel
You Sir, are the best superhero! Legendary! Keep up the good farts!

1st August 2016 - 18:13:36
2158 : Cory Childers
Too funny!

1st August 2016 - 04:10:58
2157 : patrick lentze
oh, mister methane, i like to fart with you: let's fart together. your farts are like music. you are just as legendary and popular as the late mister joseph pujol.

24th July 2016 - 00:50:44
2155 : Alexander Locke
Well done! When I was but a youngster I could fart on command, but I seem to have outgrown the talent, unless I eat Mexican food. Go figure!

3rd July 2016 - 05:31:33
2154 : Patty Booboo
Just saw one of your bideo for the first time today! Amazing work! Keep on farting dude!!

11th June 2016 - 17:27:07
2153 : patrick lentze
i wish, we can fart together night and day. i like it. mister joseph pujol is one of my favourites and so are you, mister methane. i like the sound of farts.

10th March 2016 - 16:44:49
2151 : Joe
I farted in my girlfriends bed, for some reason that led me into googling "worlds longest fart." Amazingly enough, it was Mr Methane! So we watched the video with a mix how the heck and whoaaaa.... That's when, her room mate walked in on the fartastic video. We all enjoyed a good laugh.

27th February 2016 - 06:01:03
2150 : William Anderson
Wow! Mr. Methane is THE MAN!

5th December 2015 - 18:39:07
2142 : Henry en lau
Hen en lau youre biggest fans from Holland every weekend we look the movies herooo please do macerena tot us bye heroo

13th October 2015 - 21:17:15
2140 : Matt
Its a bird!.... Its a plane!....NO... Its Mr. Methane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13th September 2015 - 18:48:39
2139 : Ray Lee
Rippers and Raspberries!!

Farta Ray

4th September 2015 - 10:02:58
2138 : like opening a can of bakers complete
Mr Methane your act is funny and i don't think its a pile of poo, however it does smell a bit like it.

22nd August 2015 - 06:20:32
2136 : Frank
You are my favorite superhero. Thanks for the many laughs you bring so many. I share your YouTube videos all the time, and of course they become fans.

5th August 2015 - 01:50:15
2135 : frank
Thanks for the many laughs you are a blast. Everyone has a a favorite superhero. Mine is mr methane!

4th August 2015 - 04:42:57
2134 : Frank
Mr Methane, you are a real blast! You have brought many of us a lot of laughter. Ive laughed till my stomach hurt. Im known for my farts myself, but Im still a minor league flatulist compared to you. We all have our favorite super hero and Mr Methane is my favorite!

14th June 2015 - 09:22:06
2131 : tarson
when we can expect the first workshop?

18th May 2015 - 14:49:21
2130 : Mr. Flatulent
Greetings good sir. Here's a symphony for you:


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