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28th December 2011 - 04:43:33
1884 : Bruno
I'm playing your 1st album on my PC with the Windows "Yule Log" visualization. Some of the flames rise up everytime you cut loose. ROFLMAO!

26th December 2011 - 00:27:09
1883 : tnt
Interesting act...

but you have a competitor in a .. similar sounding business.
Manualist Gerry Phillips (goes under the name "gunecologist" on youtube) performs AMAZING tunes with hand-farts ...

22nd December 2011 - 13:22:27
1882 : Windy Miller
Hello Mr.Methane,
Will you be having any curried sprouts for your Christmas dinner this year?
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and remember church or chapel, let it rattle.

22nd December 2011 - 10:42:20
1881 : Daniel
I wish you a Merry Christmas and would like to thank you for your Christmas CD that I sweetens every Christmas Day at the bakery. Keep up again soon and new songs fart.

Farting Greetings from Germany
of FlotteHummel87 pffffuuuuurrrrrrrrrzzzzz
oh excuse me grinning

Good to hear that fart music is Ringing Out in the Bakehouse this Christmas. Merry Christmas & a Flatulent New Year. Mr.Methane!

17th December 2011 - 17:58:58
1879 : Michael
Saw your "Paul Oldfield in the potting shed" nterview on youtube. Are you related to Mike Oldfield & is it possible an upcoming cd "Tubular Smells" is "in the wings"?

As an expat from Yorkshire, is really great to know that The North isn't completely down & still stands for something the Chinese haven't managed to copy at a quarter the price.

Hi, I'm not related to Mike Oldfield as far as I know but I have considered a remake of Tubular Bells entitled Tubular Bowels, the title has a certain Ring to it.

14th December 2011 - 21:19:28
1878 : Jon
Dear mr methane, what trumping fodder do you consume to prepare for a show, and are your underpants fitted with reinforced linnings?

Hi, Its muscular as opposed to dietry, I use the same technique as Joseph Pujol aka Le Petomane. My undies arent reinforced as I need a free flow of air from my anus to blow the talc cloud and also extinguish the candles on the birthday cake.

11th December 2011 - 02:45:03
1877 : andrew
When are you going to put on a live show again in adelaide

I'm not sure is the honest answer. Its up to my Australian agent / promoter Artie Laing it has to be financially viable for him as there are a lot of costs involved in him hauilng my ass Down Under.

25th November 2011 - 20:00:06
1875 : enfuego
ofcourse farting is nice, do this world is going wild??

24th November 2011 - 03:47:41
1874 : Robert the windpipe cracker
Have you ever meet "Will the Farter"?Does he use the same technic ass you?

Mr. Methane replied...........

Hello Robert,

I've not met Will though I've spoken via email in the past as he hoped we could have a Fart Off on Howards Show. The only problem is that the trip has to be financially viable to at least cover the costs of a visit and so far no sponsorship or gigs in NY have come forward to make it happen. In the past my other appearances on Howards show have been in association with gigs or promoting the CD's & DVDs the sales of which covered the trip. I believe Will uses the same technique as myself.

Yours flatulently,


20th November 2011 - 10:52:44
1873 : Tudor Davies
Hi Mr Methane,
Have you considered any classical musical performances? something from "Wagner's Ring Cycle"? Just wondering?..... keep flatulence on the map!!

16th November 2011 - 02:09:36
1872 : Lucas
Hey Mr Methane,

You are a god, but can you play the kazoo?

12th November 2011 - 14:44:06
1871 : Reggie
Hello Mr methane! Russia loves you!

7th November 2011 - 14:41:31
1870 : Pooing Nic

7th November 2011 - 02:29:02
1869 :
Love the Blue Danube. Next you need to learn Flight of the Bumblebee.

9th October 2011 - 13:35:22
1865 : Bruno
I saw you years ago on the Howard Stern show, you were great! I'd love to see you back on the show!

8th October 2011 - 21:53:17
1864 : Me
Laughed so Much at your DVD. Its the funniest thing i've ever seen! I was crying proper tears during your Butpipe shockers! Do another video. pure genius!!! Mr Methane Rules!!!

5th October 2011 - 12:29:07
1863 : Lori Loken
I admire your comfort in your skin to be able to just let it all go- you are so funny... you make us all laugh at ourselves and how reallly- God has a sense of humor otherwise how can you explain farts! thanks for the laughs!

29th September 2011 - 14:35:00
1862 : Cs Farter
Heyyy whats up Mr. M, I was just wondering i fart 24/7 its great just by simply sucking in my stomach is that normal, what do you do??...

19th September 2011 - 18:50:24
1859 : Roland The farter
How can you get this letal force when you shot out the darts?
Are you putting these directly up in your ass?
Also it Was hilourous to see when you polluted the air for the whole audiotorium! Please answer my friend.

Mr. Methane replies........... The Darts are very light and very sharp so need little velocity, they are fired from a blow pipe you can see it on the gif here and also on the video here

Yours flatulently,

Mr. Methane!

15th September 2011 - 10:13:44
1858 : Ogrish forums
Whats up

Mr. Methane replies............ Whassup Farts, thats whassup

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