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1st March 2011 - 23:16:38
1832 : Kim
Mr. Methane, just wondering if you have ever sharted during one of your performances? You know when a little sh*t comes out when you fart?

26th February 2011 - 18:15:02
1831 : Fartacus
I am Fartacus..... A right good fart is good for the heart, it puts the stomach at ease. It warms the bed on a frosty night and suffocates the fleas....keeep letting them rip.

26th February 2011 - 00:08:34
1830 : rudy
Have u ever crapped ur self durring any of ur prformences?

25th February 2011 - 22:21:47
1829 : Max
You are great. Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I watch some of your videos and this makes my day. Keep on farting ...

24th February 2011 - 23:28:16
1828 : marty
Can you or have you ever farted "Hail to The Chief?" i think that would really be a gas! maybe if you get invited to the White House. They already need to air out that place! Keep on ripping!!!

24th February 2011 - 11:20:36
1827 : rudy
Your trully my hero!

23rd February 2011 - 19:44:49
1826 : FartingHorse
When we get a "Mr. Methane Reloaded"?

2nd February 2011 - 11:13:53
1822 : Erin K
First heard you when you did your tear-jerking rendition of 'Happy Birthday' on the Martin/Molloy radio program in Australia. Thanks for making me cry with laughter!

31st January 2011 - 00:26:54
1821 : Heidi Hanson
HAHAH Love you!

15th January 2011 - 10:03:10
1820 : Travis
Amazing. First heard you on Drew and Mike in the morning on WRIF (Detroit). That is a god given gift. Its not just flatulence its cheer. This is sure to put a smile on anyones face. Keep it up Mr. Methane!

2nd January 2011 - 07:28:40
1819 : Ch4ris
In trying to follow in Mr. Methane's illustrious fartsteps, I farted so loud that I set off a car alarm from inside my house (open window I'll admit). You are my hero. Your Christmas album almost made my co-worker/fartner in crime wet his pants! Thanks for keeping us laughing!

18th December 2010 - 13:43:59
1813 : Mark Pinnock
Hey i got your new mr methane suit yesterday. People well love it. Ive been out promoting your website all over lol. Photos being taken and lots of people mention your name alot now. lol. Ive been wandering the isles of tescos and asda and u should see the peoples laughter and kids lol. They all love it

16th December 2010 - 18:37:51
1812 : John Munster
I just love your music. I am your biggest fan. Right now I have the girls in my office playing your Christmas CD. Keep up the good work.

3rd December 2010 - 01:46:25
1810 : roger
You such a cute chick!
(kind of resambling Kermit the frog a bit).

24th November 2010 - 10:46:54
1808 : Viktoria
Ha ha! Mr.Methane, you rule! I will never loss my poo,pee and fart-humor! It's always funny!

2nd November 2010 - 11:59:36
1805 : paul t
Thanks for you appearance this morning on the wrif made my morning, detroit mi aperancethi this m^

30th October 2010 - 18:57:29
1804 : Emil Snijer
Hello Mr. Methane,

I am Emil from Holland. I like your performances very much.
Very very funny. Farting is good. Hail to the farts. Hail to you. Thanx fot all the joy, for making me laugh so much!

Ypu are one of a kind. In Sweden was bizar :) hahah

Goodbye, thanx a lot


26th October 2010 - 17:01:31
1803 : Andre
Hello Mr.Methane:-)
My name is Andre and I`m the graetest fan that you ever have seen!!I love to fart:)just like you:)

20th October 2010 - 04:50:42
1802 : Varmint Guy
Your words are truth.

17th October 2010 - 00:30:18
1800 : mr derp
im from moldove i like very much you. can you be big success in my country. I also ask question you ever do sh*t in the short when you play your song..I once have the gas and try to make song but instead I do the sh*t in long pants..Thankyou..Please write back

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