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1st February 2010 - 23:44:38
1744 : Eric J
I first saw you on youtube, and that video (piano accompaniment) went straight to my favorites. :o)

28th January 2010 - 17:35:14
1743 : Janiboy
Hello mr.methan your sh*t is gold

27th January 2010 - 15:00:26
1742 : Stuey P
Keep on pumping Fartmeister!!

27th January 2010 - 02:38:37
1741 : John G
Hey Canada here! You would have been so proud of me Mr. Methane not only did I just pass gas as I started to write this message but last year I was on a role after eating 6 taco's with beans in them then going water tubbing where my stomac was shaken up like a pop can. Later that night I procedded to go on a rampage and couldn't stop. They were silent and deadly. I would leave the room but it was so bad most of cottage could smell it. Ah yes, I'd say I'm quite the one hit wonder.

20th January 2010 - 21:00:27

19th January 2010 - 20:08:48
1738 : Frazberry
hahaha!! yes!!! fart on brother!! fart on!! I'm a big fan!

19th January 2010 - 20:07:48
1737 : xxsilverfox69xx
OMG!!! love the danube. hahaha

13th January 2010 - 21:26:00
1736 : ashley
u r so funny! i saw u on youtube! what does your girlfriend think of this????

Mr. Methane = She loves the Funk!!!!

13th January 2010 - 17:14:32
1735 : fartman
hallo mr. methane. your performance by the supertalent was really good. make so further

12th January 2010 - 16:56:15
1734 : Lee King
Mr Methane you are wonderful, I love the way your bottom echo's with the sound of farts!!!

9th January 2010 - 10:36:32
1732 : Kadipa
we're yours biggest fans of the world!!!!

7th January 2010 - 15:38:32
1731 : penny
Mr.Methan you are the Supertalent!!! You are so sexy!!! Your Farts are so cool!!! I´m your biggest Fan of the World!!!I love you!!! from Germany penny (i love you!!!)

5th January 2010 - 17:40:43
1730 : Farter
You are the sickest person in the world !!! This is the most ridiculous way of expressing yourself.

5th January 2010 - 10:58:11
1729 : Brant Mosher
Simon Cowell doesn't have talent! Keep up the great work

4th January 2010 - 14:54:15
1728 : Toximagicshroom
Ich übersetze mal/Translation from the message under me.
Mr Methane i am your bigges Fan.
In the German TV Show the Supertalent ich have call your nummber 12 Times.

Mr Methane your are a nice cint of artist.
I hear from you in a another German TV.

1st January 2010 - 23:42:59
1727 : Mr.Methane fan
hi !
Mr.Methane ich bin dein größter fan !!!

Beim Supertalent habeich 12 mal für dich angerufen

1st January 2010 - 17:20:37
1726 : Granny Joanne
You very uncivilized and you need a good spanking on your bare bottom to behave, you are a very cute boy though.


Granny Joanne

1st January 2010 - 11:13:40
1725 : Robert
Have you ever popped out a turd or sharted while you were preforming or just doing it for fun lol
I always clear my throat before a show. Mr. Methane!

31st December 2009 - 19:58:14
1724 : jereeyo
I and one of my friends where fans of you my friend called for you 6 times !!! I wanna buy your ''Let's Rip Video'' !! I wanna fart like you lol

31st December 2009 - 04:17:04
1723 : Valeka ramakis
Dear mr methane,
I'm a nine year old fan and live in Asheville nc.
I love your fartatious work!
Keep blasting out the hits!
PS I love to fart !!!!

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