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5th December 2009 - 19:06:59
1699 : paul
hello Mr. Methane
your farts are very cool


5th December 2009 - 16:14:45
1698 : Kathrin
Hello from Germany.
I am using the translator, and wanted to say I've never, I repeat, never seen such a talent, I think it's a bit disgusting to be honest, but it's a talent, my dad farts on the couch like a fool if he ate beans, what is their recipe for success and what should never eat. I have great respect for them, and when they stand before me and I would say to me they smell great.
I mean: Your talent is most special, I buy their CD but I will not use anytime and anywhere for them. You are definitely a great person just because they like a crazy fart that does not mean they are not in order, they are certainly a very very nice, likeable person. Where is it gives autographs from them, I grieg its original autograph address. Yours fart Kathrin

5th December 2009 - 13:40:50
1697 : Ron
you are my idol!!!

5th December 2009 - 13:40:05
1696 : Swiss
You are a great man:)
Thanks for the music!!

5th December 2009 - 13:39:35
1695 : ron
you are my idol!!!

5th December 2009 - 13:31:59
1694 : Pups
Thanks MR.Methan! Because of you i know now how to fart a dart.. you're my hero :)

5th December 2009 - 13:31:30
1693 : Jaqueline L.
Mr.Methane. You're so great. Really,..I can't understand why all the people are against your show. You've got talent. :)

I liked your show on tv :) Really aweseome.

5th December 2009 - 13:02:46
1692 : Lisa
Hi Mr Methane !

it was good in Supertalent 2009 in Germany

See you in Supertalent next year ??

4th December 2009 - 17:14:32
1691 : Matthias
Mr. Methane, you are my god!
I do not understand how you do this, but do not stop doing this! Really, you are the biggest talent I have ever seen. It is bad that you did not move to the final at "Das Supertalent" but there is always a next year. Well, maybe you noted that I do not speak or write perfect english, I hope you understand me anyway.

With friendly greetings, Matthias from Germany

3rd December 2009 - 16:10:15
1689 : Jacqueline H
You are the best on the Supertalent !!!!!

3rd December 2009 - 15:18:18
1688 : Melanie
hi mr.methane,
sorry i con not god english.
you are cool.
i saw you in tv (super talent 2009 )in germany.
you are sweet

best wish from austria :-)

3rd December 2009 - 14:04:02
1687 : Michael Ammann
Mr Methane,
You are The One!
The breath of God is flowing through your body!

3rd December 2009 - 09:05:25
1686 : David
Hey Mate!
I've seen your show on youtube and I have the same talent!
I can also "breath" and my friend and me are always having "farty-party" :D
I hope you're gonna win the nobel-price one day,
Regards, your truest fan!

2nd December 2009 - 19:47:12
1685 : natalia
Hello sweet fart ! My husband loves farting ! He is trying to develop new fart techniques . I found you in a Brazilian tv show , I`m glad you are famous . Number 1 : Do you have a book , or any manual with your techniques ? 2 : we live in Oxford , are you having a show around ? 3 : you are wonderful ,we love you and hope you are not fake !!!

2nd December 2009 - 15:44:14
1682 : HCFG Jéré
You are the best.
That was funny by "Das Supertalent" in Germany.
In my class, in Switzerland, you are the No.1 and we are all fans from you.(but not the girls)
Greetings from Switzerland.

2nd December 2009 - 11:44:19
1680 : mare

1st December 2009 - 20:27:39
1679 :
you are god !

1st December 2009 - 17:07:42
1678 : Jessica
I love you!!!
Your are so sexy,I want to kiss you.

Your sexybabe Jessica

1st December 2009 - 14:33:54
1676 : mr. carbon dioxide
U are so disgusting.....furthermore my farts are better than urs ..... greets mr carbon dioxide.....
I can even fart louder than u with a microphone.

1st December 2009 - 10:32:18
1675 : FartGLobe
The one and only FARTING machine!

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