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21st April 2015 - 14:15:23
2128 : Dan Stormborn
Your music is true art and it is honest, because the butt doesn't lie. I guess the ladies have been delighted when you called them in the night to fart the sweetest melodies for them. Which woman wouldn't like that?


14th April 2015 - 10:39:54
2127 : Denz
Amazing. The best act of BGT in my opinion.
Also the world record holder for the longest fart at 59 seconds.
Have you ever made it past the one minute mark?
My record is about 5 seconds ^^

30th March 2015 - 02:26:50
2126 : cwheeler
I love you farts it is so funny to see. I have autism and I watch you fart when I get home. You need to fart best it from Michael Jackson

2nd March 2015 - 05:17:16
2125 : chris wheeler
I have no money to spend can you do a special fart of to hell to the devil song from Stryper or eat it from weird all yankovic. I have special needs. God bless you. You are the most amazing farter of all time. You are the second superman.

27th February 2015 - 19:41:01
2124 : Ola
My 6 year old son, Adaś, saw your performance on YouTube and told me he wanted to be a fartman, too! The problem is, we have in Polish no word for "fartman" so Adaś created his own one.
Greetings from Poland!

27th February 2015 - 10:01:34
2123 : myles schale
I watched you on YouTube and what I see is pretty damn funny. I was wondering if maybe someday we could make a collaboration video. I'm also a big jackass fan and I'll be comming out with my new show soon. (Similar to jackass but more gnarly) I have made a whole bunch of awesome videos already but I need an editor. It'll be good because once I find myself an editor I'll already have a lot to show. By the way my show will be called DJ_PUNK.TV

19th December 2014 - 03:43:49
2122 : Chris
Recently had a colonoscopy and well I am about as good to go as i'll ever be. So I am trying to match your talents but still nothing butt a few squeels and more laundry :( I am amazed at how easy you make this all look. A little dissapointed, but well I'll just leave it to the real pro... Mr. Methane. I'm just going to buy your cd and just ring synch.

18th December 2014 - 12:24:04
2121 : Emily
Mr. Methane, my gran saw you on Britain's Got Talent 2009 show 5, Simon called you a disgusting creature, please sing Jingle Bells with your bottom!


11th December 2014 - 00:39:29
2120 : rogerio
hi mr methane my name is rogerio
send hello to brazil

come to Brazil

24th November 2014 - 04:07:58
2119 : Todor
Hi Mr Methane,
Great fan you're so funny and a great performer.

When is your next live performence(s)?
Kind Regards,

6th November 2014 - 07:22:59
2118 : Planet Pootwaddle
Boy will you get airplay ... whew!

5th November 2014 - 17:37:49
2117 : Olya
Could you give me your autograph,please.

5th November 2014 - 08:39:33
2116 : bob the frog
fracking - the process of extracting gas - some say dangerously. there is video online of people igniting the water from their taps.

Is there a super hero qualified to champion this cause?


29th October 2014 - 19:59:34
2115 : Sir Fartsalot
LOVE YOU!!!! you have one amazing talent my friend. you coming to the US anytime soon?

18th October 2014 - 22:35:23
2114 : Robi Brose
Mr. Methane is the greatest butt I hope our cousins in England can share him with us in America. His unbridled talent for the flatuant arts need to be shared with the world. WE love you Mr. Methane. You need to do a motion picture in Hollywood and more.

21st July 2014 - 22:21:58
2106 : Matt Richmond
First off..... Your a LEGEND!! You have made me laugh for years! I remember one christmas I got your lets rip video and over the years have misplaced it, where can I buy it on DVD now?

And you need to do some more shows! That would be ace!

Matt :)



Thanks for your kind words, you are obviously a true connoisseur of Controlled Anal Voicing.

Re - The DVD. You can buy in in the shop at the url below.

Yours Flatulently,

Mr Methane

14th July 2014 - 23:05:41
2105 : stephane
Hi mr fartman ! It is painful to me to write you this message, because i can't help laughing !!! your own version of 'i just called' gave me the creaps!!!
I use your app in the subway to work, in the morning. People don't talk, everybody is tired and sad. I put myself in the middlle and use your wonderful sounds... More than funny, people talk ! That's magic ! Thanks a lot, and spread the joy !!! kisses from paris


Hello Stephane,

It's great to hear that your using my App to cheer the folks up on the Parisian Metro System, that's just the sort of thing that its for. I remember the time I went down onto the Metro in Paris for real and let a few off through a megepahone. You can see the clip here.

Best Wishes

Mr Methane

2nd June 2014 - 04:41:58
2104 : Greg
first time i heard you was in spencer's gift at the mall. i love your christmas album



Those were the days when you could walk into a Spencer Gifts store and get yourself a copy of my CD. I guess that times and technology move on.

Mr Methane

30th May 2014 - 23:24:23
2103 : Jemma
Hi Mr Methane! I love your farts I saw you on BGT and I've been a fan since! Would you consider doing a One Direction song!? Also, could you please follow me on twitter @diverselouis you're my farting idol!


Hello Jemma,

I think I followed you back, not sure its a few weeks ago so I'll check.

One or two people have suggested I cover a One Direction song, I'll have to get with the times here as I have to confess I don't know any.

Best Wishes

Mr Methane

30th May 2014 - 14:26:57
2102 : MariusOverdrive
Hello Mr Methane, i'm very sorry for interrup your work, but can i ask?
Can you tell me how to do these marvelous farts please? I live on France at Argenteuil, and i want to be your disiple.
Would you teach me on this?


Sorry I don't give lessons but if you Google Le Petomane and read about his technique then that is the same technique as I use.

Yours Flatulently,

Mr Methane

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