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1st December 2009 - 10:27:48
1674 : Harald
I loved your performance with the background ballet dancers with gas masks! What a brilliant idea! I was rolling on the floor....
Keep up the fartastic work!
Greetings from Vienna

ps: my wife hates you....

1st December 2009 - 07:43:48
1673 : Marina
Dear Mr. Methane, my friend Martin from Hamburg - Germany - is really a good partner for you - to perform a duo together with you. He can make noises with his bottom - unforgettable.
Best wishes.

1st December 2009 - 05:03:07
1672 :
Your really funny Mr.Methane :D

30th November 2009 - 20:24:55
1671 : Jan
Dear Mr. Methane,

I´m so sorry that you have failed the german Supertalent. I shame! There is no time for such a great artist like you here in Germany. You are the best comedian artist in the world. I had so much fun to see you and your show. Never mind, Supertalent is only commercial sh*t. Do it! We like you, and shame to Germany!! See you on great stages all over the world. Thank you for this!

Greetings from Germany.

Q Bruce: From a small man, you never hear a funny fart!

30th November 2009 - 20:15:57
1670 : Brian Howell
Dear Mr Methane. You are the best. How can I fart like you? Please help. Laughing a lot Brian

30th November 2009 - 18:29:04
1669 : Andy
Mr Methane your show was very funny i hope you come next year too??? Germany loves you

Gretings from Germany

30th November 2009 - 18:17:06
1668 : Dennis
Hi Mr Methane,I from German and you`re very happy :D on the half final with the ballon ( Das war lustig :-D ich kauf mir dein album) i buy me your album

30th November 2009 - 17:47:35
1666 : HeavyMetalFreak
it isn't funny to fart everywhere!!!!

30th November 2009 - 17:44:33
1665 : nick
du bist ser cool

30th November 2009 - 17:36:59
1662 : Tina
Dr Mr. Methane,
i wanted to tell you tht i think that u re a really nice and funny guy and u dont look bad LOL! I like that pink pant ahaha....Unfortunately, i m already married! I wish u good luck anyway! The show, its a bit gross but i liked the Dart action! Best wishes from Austria!

30th November 2009 - 17:36:02
1661 : Marcel
Oh my God
your entrance on super talent was brilliant
so funny i called for you!!

30th November 2009 - 17:35:36
1659 : Patrick
hey mr methane.

i like your show in RTL.

u are sooo funny.

MFG Patrick from Germany

30th November 2009 - 17:31:46
1658 : Andy
You are so perverse and stupid ... a real looser .... you've got a fart in the head

Thanks, you cant please everybody happy it has upset you enough that you feel a need to write. Mr. Methane!

30th November 2009 - 17:30:55
1657 :
it's FUNNY. You are great!!!!

30th November 2009 - 17:29:24
1656 : jaqqy
i fart better than you (;

30th November 2009 - 16:25:06
1653 : justin
You´re a very good furzer and it is a very good you do that?????:-)

30th November 2009 - 16:11:19
1652 : Lukas
The show in Germany was very funny! You´re a very special artist! I mean you´re the Supertalent 2009!

30th November 2009 - 15:04:23
1650 : Sir Danny
Hey Mr. Methane,
I never saw anybody having that great fart skills like you. No matter what anybody else might think about it, it is a great talent. Thanks for your participation in that show and bringing me and my wife so much fun. If you ever plan to perform on stage in Germany, i'll be the first one ordering tickets. You're the real Supertalent, hope to see you again

30th November 2009 - 14:59:27
1649 : Steve
Hey Mr. Methan, you are the most funkiest guy in the world!!

30th November 2009 - 14:33:55
1648 : GermanGuy
hahaha i like you crazy british, what a crazy show. i was wondering why you do not have any pooh in your pants

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