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18th October 2009 - 20:47:37
1574 : Mathias
It was so funny to see you in the tv...
i want to see more from you in the german tv =) well done

18th October 2009 - 14:59:12
1573 : Elvis Sabic
You are crazy and Ilove it!

18th October 2009 - 13:14:32
1572 : FART

18th October 2009 - 12:04:28
1571 : Tom
Seen you also in "Das Supertalent" and you did a great performance,wish you the best in the next round.
Thumbs up!

18th October 2009 - 11:59:42
1570 : Sven
Yesterday it was a very big show from you
I will vote you to the final!!!

18th October 2009 - 05:51:42
1569 : Tiffany
Mr. Methane,

I think you are incredible. I've always thought farts were funny and today, I still think they are. I always laugh at them. I don't see anything wrong with farting because it's a natural thing. My family thinks I'm nuts because I always talk about farts, crack fart jokes, or laugh at them. Only a few of my family members have a sense of humor who also likes to laugh at farts.

17th October 2009 - 22:37:14
1568 : oesterreicher
I have uploaded your apperance at the German show the supertalent.
Preview on myvideo:
Here the downloadlink:

Best greetings:

17th October 2009 - 21:30:46
1567 : Christoph&Jan Roeser
We had seen your fart show in the show "Das Supertalent" a few minutes before.
We are big fans now!

17th October 2009 - 21:24:20
1566 : Patrick Weng

This is amazing. Seen it on german Television! :D

Since when did you do this

17th October 2009 - 21:07:05
1565 : Mrs Methane
Hello Mr Methan
i want to marry you
i saw you at Supertalent
you were so good
i Love you

Mrs Methane

14th October 2009 - 14:33:56
1564 : Cono
you qre my god!
I like to believe that i'm one of your desciples, a Methanist, one of your followers.
How do you do it?! I can do it too but not ones as epic as yours. and i use a different technique.
Good luck in the future Flatu-God


10th October 2009 - 09:13:11
1563 : Brother Tang
I love you Mr Methane.

How much do you charge for live appearances? I'd like to book you for a private function.


Hello Brother Tang, Here is a page with contact details for booking a Live Show.

Best wishes.

Yours flatulently,

Mr. Methane!

8th October 2009 - 16:36:15
1562 : Kieran Towers
One of the most original acts on Britains Got Talent last year, and in my opinion "Flatulate The Conga" is far better than Susan Boyle's "I Dreamed A Dream"
Conflatulations on your success Mr Methane!

8th October 2009 - 08:04:39
1561 : Ron den Boer
Absolutely brilliant!
It is very diffecult to do this I think and in y opinion it is a art.
And most important you give people a big laugh.
Keep up the good work.

Ron den Boer
The Netherlands.

8th October 2009 - 02:50:52
1560 : Ben Dover
Mr. Methane- thought of a new stanza for "We love you Mr. Methane" song. "We love you Mr. Methane, cuz you fill the air with your "savoir faire"

28th September 2009 - 23:42:39
1557 : Greg Dressler
When do you plan on touring the US again? I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta one of these days.
Nothing planned at moment but its been far too long so you never know. Mr. Methane!

28th September 2009 - 20:59:33
1556 : c.l.
totally cool :) :) :) greetz from germany - c.

27th September 2009 - 03:59:25
1555 : Mike Krause
hey Mr. Methane

I bought your cd, christmas cd, and dvd for my Dad for father's day last fall. He listened for about 2 minutes before deciding you're a total jackass. He said it was the worst father's day gift I ever gave him, so he gave the cd's back to me. This was unfortunate for him, but great for me. I listen to your cd's a lot and I think your work is fantastic! I used to listen to your music while lifting weights but not anymore because I almost killed myself on the bench press because I started laughing so hard I couldn't lift the weight off me.

Britain talent show: I think that guy simon is a real dickhead, and no sense of humor. Don't let him get you down, you're number one in my book! I like that woman judge, she was hot. I would love to rip a few for her!

What rates do you charge for a show? I was wondering about christmas time if you're not too busy, and getting a bunch of friends and family to enjoy the festive sounds.

Keep wiping thoroughly!!

Your friend,


23rd September 2009 - 19:04:03
1554 : LesserGood
Is "flatulist" something you pictured yourself doing since you were a child?
I knew I wanted to do something Arty but didnt realise it would be Arty Farty. Mr. Methane!

20th September 2009 - 21:02:05
1553 : HOW
Lol wtf.

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