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20th September 2009 - 03:38:45
1552 : cal anderson
I first heard you about 1997 going through kansas city mo. I did buy your cd and i liked it alot

9th September 2009 - 18:33:37
1551 : Guy Boucher
Keep on "trumping", why are you getting rid of your outfit? Have you followed through into it or something?

8th September 2009 - 20:07:46
1550 : Mark Handler
I bow to the true master of flatulence! I saw your appearance on "Britain's Got Talent". Simon was too hard on you. It's obvious that he truly does not appreciate your unique talents. I am employed at Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA. On your next U.S. tour it would be great if you were booked here for a performance. :)

Thanks, I'd love to blow off at The Horseshoe, that would rock, I'm definately well over due for another USA visit.

Yours flatulently,

Mr. Methane!

6th September 2009 - 12:25:16
1549 : Mark Hughes
Do you do weddings?

Yes, (Mr. Methane)

26th August 2009 - 00:55:38
1548 : jamie robinson
mr methane how tall are you?

25th August 2009 - 00:39:39
1547 : Greg Brewer
You should Come To Portland,Oregon. my best friend and I Would Get A kick Out Of that, we Want to see the fart meister in person!

We Should Do a stand off, May the best man break wind.

Are you up the challenge?

24th August 2009 - 23:14:09
1546 : Carl Brazell
!!!!! Unbelievable !!!!!

24th August 2009 - 18:11:46
1545 : Andy
dude you are an idiot get a real job.

22nd August 2009 - 13:37:44
1544 : jason smith
who is the biggest celebrity you have farted in front of? and which celebs who annoy you would you like to fart at?

Mr. Methane, "Its hard to say really, some people are massive celebs in just their own country or continent and unknown somewhere else. A no brainer would be to say Simon Cowell as on the face of it he's known here and in the USA but the flame of fame flickers, goes out and sometimes re ignites, think back 15 years and there were celebs who were massive then who are virtually forgotten today, it could be Howard Stern, it could be Kelsey Grammer, it could be Sascha Barren Cohen after all he has made and starred in a few movies and fifteen years ago he a small chat show on a Granada cable channel with a 250 per show budget for everything, so who knows it may come to pass the the most famous person I have farted for is not yet famous but will be. Then you have to factor in the establishment, people who were born into priviledge and social position but because of our own perverse morality theyre not allowed be seen to publicly enjoy a good fart show but have to enjoy it in privacy instead for that reason its possible that the most famous person will remain anonymous. I the subject of farting at people I dont like, I'd rather just ignore them than waste my gas on them, they will remain nameless as they know who they are".

15th August 2009 - 02:20:15
1542 : Tim
Dude you're my hero!!

8th August 2009 - 00:24:03
1541 : Gracjan_GB
You are my master !!
Gracjan from Poland...

30th July 2009 - 22:10:29
1540 : Richard Moore
Mr.Methane is a master of flatulence!

Has your flatulent skills ever let you down, and suffered an unprofessional "follow-through" ??

Also out of curiosity, is there a Mrs.Methane?

You may be the master of flatulence, but i bet my farts stink a whole lot worse than yours!!

Ask my girlfriend.... :)

30th July 2009 - 20:54:04
1539 : Lily
I can't help it--there's nothing quite like fart humor. You're a real cut-up!

29th July 2009 - 20:41:49
1538 : Gerd Tiarks
Hello Mister Methane,
your show is great,how much euro to make a show in germany 26382 wilhelmshaven (northsea) Sorry my english so fart...

21st July 2009 - 17:25:48
1537 : Carlos Perez
Your show at Britains' Got Talent was insanely funny. I farted from laughter. I loved your horrible sounds and Simon's was a poem...jajajajaja

You must be insane to really do this.
Best of luck.

18th July 2009 - 15:48:34
1536 : Mark
I enjoy your act so much, I just bought the DVD!

15th July 2009 - 21:26:40
1535 : Craig Wright
Thanks for the mention on Twitter, Methane. This really should be called your Gustbook!

Couple of questions for you:

1. Have you ever tried to use your howling hole to play the bagpipes? It'd go down well with old Bravefart himself, Mel Gibson, I'd imagine.

2. Can you communicate with the dead via bowel burp? I only ask because last night I let off a right wallpaper peeler in bed...almost instantly there was a knocking on the wall and a feint voice told me to 'keep it down'. It sent a shiver down my spine.

Your public needs to know!

13th July 2009 - 01:59:45
1534 : Roger
I am not gay butt have to say you are a good looking boy/guy,extremly fit and flexible!

12th July 2009 - 07:41:35
1533 :
Hi. You are the most disgusting man I have ever seen, but I like it. Please go on my site! I'm only ten!

11th July 2009 - 21:42:28
1532 : Johan Olofsson
I like your sound, i wish I could get that tune on my guitar:)

Greetings from Sweden!

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