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12th May 2009 - 11:24:39
1468 : Thorney
I've enjoyed all your Youtube stuff (a mate of mine in the US sent me a link with the approving tag "CHECK OUT THIS SHOCKER!!!") but that Britain's Got Talent clip was one of the best yet - Cowell's facial reaction to the final epic blast - a monster guster - was truly priceless. A big thumbs up, thanks for making me laugh mate, it's great stuff. (also fake email but I might drop you a line to say hi sometime anyway).

12th May 2009 - 01:40:34
1467 : Sniff Mcpete
Mr. Methane,

I believe that we could make a great duo act...I am a professional sniffer and would love to join forces with you. Let me know

12th May 2009 - 01:22:51
1466 : sally
me thane!

12th May 2009 - 01:12:51
1465 : TIm
You are a complete w**ker.

11th May 2009 - 23:35:29
1464 : gasman
We need some Mr Methane merchandise! IŽd love to get a full Mr Methane costume!!!!

11th May 2009 - 22:30:33
1463 : Ken
Seen you before, but seeing you again on Britians Got Talent still made me laugh so much I nearly choked.

Very very funny...

11th May 2009 - 19:46:48
1462 : aa
true talent.

keep it up

thats what entertainment is!

please blow the jonas brothers away.... with ur fart ^^

11th May 2009 - 19:09:10
1461 :
hi wat is the answer to fart and wat did you use in britains got talent show to make you fart let it rip fartguy also you should won you are the only good one

11th May 2009 - 17:46:36
1460 : Guy
Saw you on britains got talent. Disappointed that you didn't get through. If that wasn't talent then I don't know what is!

11th May 2009 - 17:41:00
1459 : tom
lol emails fake btw.

Ok, hi methane guy. You must stink, but haha good job on making money out of an ordinary thing :) Quite extra ordinary.

Although you probably fart more than others ^^

11th May 2009 - 17:04:49
1458 :
what did the judges say on britians got talent its all a bit cut

11th May 2009 - 16:47:13
1457 : Mark from Britain
You truly are a very talented guy. Simon Cowell's obviously a right miserable tw*t not to find that remotely funny. Even Amanda and Piers found it funny. Keep on farting mate, it's had me in stitches.

11th May 2009 - 16:21:01
1456 : King Colon
You were just far too classy for Britain's Got Talent. How could such a trashy show ever appreciate the exquisite resonance of your sphincter? Keep up the good work.

11th May 2009 - 14:44:22
1455 : Dave Hebblethwaite
Just thought I'd sign yer book while I was here; don't forget- 72.5psi, trap it and let it all out! (vacancy for brake test unit at Peak Forest!) Cheers! Dave

10th May 2009 - 22:38:20
1454 : Gasman
You speak the universal language of reektum. You are ARSEnsational. A breath of damp air

10th May 2009 - 22:37:00
1453 : South Park
Real life Terrance and Phillip

10th May 2009 - 21:05:23
1452 : XxMooCowMoodyxX
amazing on britians got talent, should win

10th May 2009 - 21:05:17
1451 : Mark Goodwin
i like to fart

10th May 2009 - 19:28:58
1450 : Windy Miller
Well done Mr Methane. Another outstanding performance of colon coughs from the man with the rumbling ring..and not one bum note. You certainly knocked the wind out of cowell's sails.

10th May 2009 - 14:24:15
1449 : Aggy
Saw you on Britain's Got Talent. You were brilliant. You should of got through to the next round. After all Le Petomaine performed before the future Edward VII so why shouldn't you perform before the Queen!

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