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15th January 2006 - 21:44:24
1102 : Fiona
How incredible!!! You must be a Taurus - am I right?

15th January 2006 - 21:00:17
1101 : Matthew
very good!!!!! Fratulento...

11th January 2006 - 19:00:27
1096 : Joseph Horowitz
It's me again.
I'm one of yer american fanz & I would like to make a suggestion to ya: have thought about contacting Larry the Cable Guy to see if you could open for 'im yet.
That be the best way to break into the US market (rednex think farts are really funny, plus Larry did a bit on his Grandma farting out a version of "Elvira" by the Oak Ridge Boys in a farting contest)

11th January 2006 - 17:59:28
1095 : dmitrij
Hi! Your site very good and interesting. Plese visit my
I wish good luck.Good work.Great site.

10th January 2006 - 11:12:22
1094 : Thommo
I was lucky enough to get the "Let's Rip" DVD for Christmas. The Sphincter Scope at Blackpool is a crack up. Have seen your live show twice in Australia. A unique talent that has me in stitches every time I hear it.

9th January 2006 - 10:43:08
1091 : Leroy
The guy is fu+ki+g crazy!!

I see him in the german TV, and i laughting as i hear him.

7th January 2006 - 03:25:26
1086 : dee
I heard you on The Drew and Mike Show a while back. I was impressed by your control.
I don't care what anyone says; farting is FUNNY!

5th January 2006 - 07:29:16
1081 : glen
this website is the f*****g best man,it rocks

5th January 2006 - 07:25:38
1080 : john cena
this website rocks, i hope dropping guts is back on soon i want to here some good farts and burps.My friend zachery told me about this site today and i hopped on and it was great.once again THIS WEDSITE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22nd December 2005 - 20:00:51
1072 : john
my colleagues and I are rolling on the floor viewing your web site.

19th December 2005 - 02:37:55
1071 : Aharon Klum
Methane rules!!!

18th December 2005 - 21:38:25
1070 : barb
My dad is looking for a farting ringtone for his cell phone. Do you have any affiliations with any celluar companies that offer this? Drew & Mike rule Detroit!!

18th December 2005 - 17:35:22
1069 : jim 'beans' harper
eyup chuck..from all the amateur poopers out there please send me a personal poop to my email !!!

11th December 2005 - 20:05:52
1066 : maz
we watched you in sheffield about 12 years ago with the gutter band at crookes wmc can't believe your still farting happy xmax from sheffield

9th December 2005 - 09:49:36
1065 : Fireflatus
You are amazing! Your performance is a great piece of contemporary art. It is almost like an entire new way of human communication. Just one suggestion: How about adding more tricks like lightening up your gas movements? That would work well as a new show element (just waer something fireproof).

7th December 2005 - 00:40:42
1064 : Tone
Wow! You are an amazing man! Funny stuff, who doesn't like farts..

5th December 2005 - 11:22:44
1063 : Paul
Have just received the christmas album and it's hilarious!!!
Is the "FROM" address on the back of the envelope wrote in your fair hand Mr. Methane? If so I will treasure it forever.

28th November 2005 - 15:05:08
1060 : The Beater
Good to see you on Sunday at the Macc Lads reunion.
I told you I'd look up your website.
It's very interesting.

20th November 2005 - 20:31:35
1059 : Reunion Gal
Absolute madness @ 2wentys reunion in Skeggy Yesterday. Crazy Stuff, Just very upset U Dint blow out the candles!!!!! x

14th November 2005 - 23:33:53
1058 : sdgljkasdgjlklkjgjlk
Who would want to be known for there farts? It's rediculous!!!! Only someone without a life would make this website!!!

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