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28th April 2005 - 15:42:24
945 : julian
mr are the man...a god...a legend...I'M NOT WORTHY!!!

27th April 2005 - 09:41:21
944 : jj
wat class sound u got on here well funny ..... rip away methane

25th April 2005 - 12:21:15
943 : Il Fantasma Formaggino
Senti, un noto complessino ( fa una canzone che parla di me e che termina con rumori molesti.
A quando La Vendetta del Fantasma Formaggino live feat.MrMethane? Conto davvero in una collaborazione tra di voi!!

Sono in un circolo vizioso, sono socio, so ciò.

25th April 2005 - 02:09:39
941 : Rob
Mr. idol!! I respect you and your talent like you would never believe. I'll be at your show in Newcaslte in 2 weeks time!! Can't wait to see you and your ass!!

25th April 2005 - 02:08:28
940 : Windy Wilson
I have just watched a fart movie from another website and in it they light there farts . I want to know if you have ever done it in one of your shows and what does it feel like? All the same you can't beat the original Mr Methane (Smell u later) Windy Wilson

24th April 2005 - 10:22:44
939 : Judy
Mr Methane, I thought that my father was a champion farter, but after listening to you, he wouldn't stand a chance in a farting competition. I think that you are great.

20th April 2005 - 22:15:29
938 : Todd Shotts
I have had his cd for a few years now and even today I can't stop laughing when I hear it and everyone who hears it wants to know where they can get it

20th April 2005 - 02:07:51
936 : Rachael
Hi Mr Methane,

My parents saw you in concert a few weeks ago at the bronte rsl club in australia.. they bought ur cd and its even signed by you.. My mum constantly plays the cd for a laugh! its so gross but funny.. At the moment my 4yr old cousin is listening to the cd and finding it very amusing..

Keep up the good work!

18th April 2005 - 01:19:59
935 : Kitty
Mr Methane. You Rock. My partner and I went and saw your show at the Doylo on the 16th April and we thought it was great. My partner has a question to ask..... he wants to know if you bottom hurts from all the farting????

15th April 2005 - 21:29:05
934 : ian smith
Dear Mr Methane I have been anavid fan of yours since i first saw you on TV. It is my 40th birthday party next year and wanted to nask wethet you do private functions and your charges as it would make the night. Please let me know. Regards Ian.

14th April 2005 - 13:46:58
931 : Casper
I want to stand at the next general election.I have founded the Farty Party.Politics stink.Trust me!

12th April 2005 - 21:50:58
930 : jez
my mate mr head. im sure he has irratable bowel syndrome. all he keeps doing is breaking wind. 85 in 3 this a record.

12th April 2005 - 12:01:01
929 : rob
i just saw his show today and he was great

7th April 2005 - 13:41:35
928 : Bums Rap
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind
The answer's blowing in the wind!

6th April 2005 - 20:25:28
927 : jorge
és tudo o que portugal precisa neste momento...
este país precisa de gaz para avançar...
portugal loves you... your ass!!!

6th April 2005 - 20:23:04
926 : you're my idol...
you're realy great...
i dream to be like you... i mean, like your ass...
farted regards...

29th March 2005 - 23:07:48
921 : Aaron Mason
hi mr methane. your quality, i want you to perform at my wedding because your so damn great. i love you

29th March 2005 - 09:52:38
920 : Bruce
Hi there
you shot a balloon off my head lastnight at 28\3\05 Manly boatshed Bruza is my name
great show hope to see u again 1 day

29th March 2005 - 00:40:43
918 : brrray
YOU'RE AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND. are you 'releasing' a calender?

28th March 2005 - 11:31:01
917 : Tim
Mr. idol!! I respect you and your talent like you would never believe.
I'll be at your show in Newcaslte in 2 weeks time!! Can't wait to see you and your ass!!

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